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Adviso Now TubeMogul Certified

29 April 2015

As consumers change their behaviours, consistently moving their screen time from TV to the web, video advertising is also evolving to new platforms. Thus the coming of Demand-Side-Platforms (DSP) for digital video advertising like The Trade Desk, YouTube and TubeMogul, that offer a great advantage on traditional television video ads: they allow to track and target online viewers according to their behaviours while optimizing results and gain valuable data.

With video advertising clearly on a rise these past two years – the IAB notes a strong increase in overall budgets as brand advertisers have increased their digital video commitment by 90 percent – Adviso has made sure to move along, forming the best talents and building partnerships with the new players in the industry.

With that in mind, Adviso attended TubeMogul’s intensive accreditation program last February. As an agency who demonstrate proficiency in programmatic media buying and advanced knowledge of display, Adviso was a clear contender for this program. The certification ensures that our Digital Media team is equipped with the knowledge and skill-set to build, launch, optimize and measure our clients’ video branding campaigns to achieve optimal cost efficiencies, performance results and brand safety.

Always keeping up on the cutting edge of a fast-moving industry, Adviso is really proud to support its clients with a holistic understanding of the programmatic video industry.