Digital strategy News Adviso lends a hand to local businesses

Adviso lends a hand to local businesses

03 August 2020

Against a backdrop of overwhelming mutual support sweeping across Quebec in recent weeks, the Adviso team has decided to intensify the support it provides to the local businesses that form the backbone of Montreal’s neighbourhoods. Already very involved in the community, Adviso has now increased the support it’s providing to companies seriously impacted by the pandemic. 

The Adviso team believes that now more than ever we must step up to support local communities, if we want our neighbourhoods to continue to be as vibrant once the current crisis has passed.

Trip de bouffe

The first company to benefit from Adviso’s support was Trip de Bouffe

After several consulting sessions, the Trip de Bouffe team was able to develop a new online ordering service. 

In addition, the Adviso team helped Trip de Bouffe develop tactics for launching on social media, helped them plan content and made recommendations on how content could be promoted through paid media. Lastly, Adviso provided guidance on managing an email database, so that the restaurant could enjoy continued success well into the future. 

Le Braquet

Because the pandemic hasn’t stopped us from cycling, the Adviso team also worked in partnership with the team at Le Braquet to develop the brand. 

After conducting workshops and consulting sessions, the cycling apparel store was given a document with recommendations on the brand as well as advice on member acquisition and influencer marketing on Instagram. 

The content team also supplied a benchmarking document outlining best practices observed in similar brands, to ensure that Le Braquet would be outfitted with all the tools they would need to bounce back as quickly as possible.


Staying in shape, physically and mentally, is what WeTreat is able to offer through the retreats they organize in Quebec and internationally. When COVID-19 forced them to temporarily stop providing this service, WeTreat launched WeTreat Web, a service the Adviso team took an active role in creating, through the optimization of the buying journey.

While Quebec loosens lockdown measures, our experts have continued to support WeTreat by conducting a UX and SEO audit of the entire site, as well as information architecture testing, optimization of the buying journey for retreats, and supporting the launch of a media campaign. It’s a well-rounded project, and highly appreciated by WeTreat.

”They were able to figure out what we needed, and suggest a strategy that allowed us to reach our goals. We got the feeling that every person on the team was putting their whole heart into helping us grow our little business. It was such a pleasure to work with you! Thank you!” – The WeTreat Team

This huge project, carried out in less than three months and still ongoing, will not only allow WeTreat to survive, but also to continue to grow in a booming Montreal market.

Values that extend beyond COVID-19

Adviso plans to continue to help local businesses to both recover from and counter losses incurred due to the pandemic. That’s why, in the coming weeks, teams of seasoned experts will donate their time and talent to companies like Épicerie Conserva, Lunettes Dépôts and Les Frères D to help them achieve their digital marketing goals.