Digital strategy News A wave of promotions at Adviso

A wave of promotions at Adviso

18 August 2016

For an employer – especially in the competitive agency world – it’s always a point of pride to see the team grow with the company. Adviso’s ability to offer employees new challenges is a reflection of its desire to retain the cream of the crop of Quebec’s expertise in digital strategy and marketing. More than that, it’s proof that we have a strong core of employees who want to keep growing with us, with our clients, and continue to progress together on the road to incredible achievements.

These promotions happened within the framework of the individual development plans established for each of Adviso’s employees,” says partner and co-founder Simon Lamarche. “It’s essential for us to support our employees in their professional development, and to push them to achieve their full potential.

Today we’d like to present 11 people who have distinguished themselves over the past year, and who will now be putting their talents towards new responsibilities.

Team Lead

Caroline Leprince, Digital Media Team Lead

Caroline has been working in digital media for more than 12 years. She started at Adviso in 2014 in the role of Digital Media Planner – Premium & Programmatic, and successfully planned and managed accounts for major clients, executing strategies for millions of dollars worth of media campaigns annually. Dedicated to her work, she is a model of discipline and performance for her team, and leads by example.

Amélie Morin-Godard, Projet Management Team Lead

An energetic and unifying leader, Amélie has been managing digital projects for more than 6 years. Already very involved in onboarding new recruits to Adviso’s project management team, she also stands out for her involvement in organizing the agency’s social events. A people person, Amélie knows how to put her communications talents to work to gain support for all her projects.

Practice Lead

Pascal-Philippe Bergeron, Practice Lead, Media Innovation & Data Science

The uncontested leader of Search marketing, Pascal was definitely bitten by the geek bug as a child. It might still visit him from time to time… How else to explain the fact that he talks in all seriousness about one of the formulas he uses as being the same one used in astronomy to measure the distance between stars? True story. Active in the media industry since 2008, Pascal leads cutting-edge consulting projects and R&D as part of our new Media Innovation and Data Science team. Over the years he’s taken on the role of trainer, both internally and with his clients. His new responsibilities take him further in this direction, and will see him providing support to the other media practice leads, ensuring that the media department receives advanced training, and giving his creativity free reign in research and development.

Nicolas Villeneuve, Digital Media Practice Lead, SEM

After first passing through Adviso in 2009, Nicolas rejoined the team in 2014 as an SEM specialist. Apparently he missed us… And the feeling was mutual – he was named employee of the month twice after coming back! Devoted to the performance of his clients’ accounts and always searching for THE strategy that will allow him to exceed their expectations, Nicolas established himself as practice lead through his desire to share and help his colleagues.

Jean-Michel Dubé, Digital Media Practice Lead, Programmatic Display

Jean-Michel has accumulated 5 years of concrete experience in digital media. Extremely appreciated by his clients, he impresses with his analyses and knowledge of programmatic platforms. Our employee of the month for May 2016 knew how to carve his place among his colleagues. Calm and efficient no matter what’s going on, the office ping pong table is probably the only place you’ll see him catch his breath – and then some!

Kristel Salesse, Project Management Practice Lead

PMP certified since 2013, Kristel is already a reference for her colleagues for effective project management. As practice lead, she will be more and more involved in developing the practice within the agency, by leading a number of projects related to processes and tools among other things. Her extensive expertise in managing web production and marketing projects for major clients such as Uniprix and Deserres make her a balanced and well-rounded resource. She has been managing projects since 2004 and is involved in the PMI community as a volunteer.


Francis Devoy, Digital Media Strategist

For nearly three years now, Francis has been a crucial member of the team. With nearly 5 years of concrete experience in digital media, not only is he an expert in his field, but he is also very involved in agency life. His clients and colleagues alike appreciate his keen mind and refreshing humour. In the past year, Francis has taken responsibility for developing strategies for several accounts, which has prepared him to move into his new role with confidence.


Anne-Lyse Nivoix, Project Manager, Media Innovation & Data Science

With Adviso for more than 4 years, Anne-Lyse started as a coordinator, then moved on to brilliantly manage the agency’s largest account. Anne-Lyse has extraordinary organizational skills. Over the years she has taken a leading role in several management projects related to digital media, and in developing her team’s processes. A strong-minded woman for whom results and efficiency are of prime importance, she is always looking to improve the processes in place for her clients.

Aurélie Baillache, Marketing Analytics Specialist

When Aurélie joined the agency two years ago, she already had a wealth of experience in web analytics. She has since developed skills working with several tag managers, stands out for her technical knowledge of tag managers, and has an astoundingly deep understanding of business issues. Always smiling, she’s a team player who likes to help her colleagues by preaching the complex practice that is marketing analytics.

Elsa Badinier, Digital Media Campaign Manager

With Adviso for a year now, Elsa proved her worth by managing a number of important accounts. Very independent, she is as skilled in display as in search, and has strong overall vision of her clients’ media environments.

Laurane Collet, Digital Media Analyst

Hired for a 3-month internship at the beginning of the summer, Lauranne has become more and more involved in the operations of the media team. She has been able to quickly pick up Adviso’s methods and values, which has made her a perfect candidate to join the team.