Digital strategy News A new mind joins the digital transformation service

A new mind joins the digital transformation service

As some may already have learned through our social media channels, we are thrilled to welcome Marie Nicollet to the team as a consultant in digital transformation!

Marie seeks to challenge the status quo. To that end, she held the role of management consultant for several large Canadian organizations, supporting them through major strategic challenges related to every aspect of their business (finance, sales, operations, product, strategic acquisitions, etc.). This digital expert is known for being an agent of change at all levels of an organization, from executives to employees, in every business unit.

And she’s no stranger to the agency. Marie was the head of Strategic Development at Adviso from 2011 until 2015, and actively participated in the department’s growth.

Her rich academic background (MSc in Electronic Business Administration, Master’s in IT Law) and diverse professional experience will doubtless be sizable assets when it comes to pushing Adviso’s expertise in digital transformation even further.

Join us in wishing her a warm welcome (back)!