Digital strategy News 5 presentations you don’t want to miss at Connexion 2019

5 presentations you don’t want to miss at Connexion 2019

15 March 2019

The 2nd edition of the Connexion trade show, to be held by les Affaires on April 17 and 18, will offer participants a vast selection of conferences and workshops on digital transformation, each more promising than the next.

Here are our recommendations. Have you planned out your schedule yet?

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April 17 at 10:30 a.m., Pixel Stage

Manufacturiers, distributeurs, détaillants : Comment survivre à la transformation de la chaîne de valeur?

Conference presented by

Marie Nicollet, Digital transformation strategy consultant, Adviso


The value chain is in profound transformation, as much for B2C businesses as B2B. To survive, you need to take action. Far from a fatalistic prophecy, this conference will share the five key strategies, including examples, for reinventing your business model and ensuring you are able to thrive in this new ecosystem over the long term.

April 17 at noon, TELUS Stage

Louis Garneau Sport : pour un virage numérique orienté client

Conference presented by

Martin Trudel, Executive Leader, Sales and Marketing, Louis Garneau Sports


Moving from a product-first approach to a customer-first approach is one thing. Widening your scope to a clientele that includes both B2B and B2C is something else altogether. Discover how the digital strategy adopted by this internationally renowned Quebec treasure allowed them to transform their customer experience while keeping their offering consistent.

April 18 at 12:30 p.m., Data Stage

Possédez-vous les bases technologiques minimales pour profiter au maximum de l’industrie 4.0?

Conference presented by

Éric Le du, Senior Director, Solutions and Innovation, Créatech


Interested in implementing a solution that involves the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Blockchain or Machine Learning? In having a modern, robust and scalable ERP solution capable of integrating all your 4.0 opportunities? Understand how your enterprise management system is critical to the success of your initiatives.


April 18 at 2:00 p.m., TELUS Stage

Démystifiez l’IA : cernez la valeur des solutions offerte

Conference presented by

Pascal-Philippe Bergeron, Practice Lead, Media Platforms and Algorithms, Adviso


Today, even your toothbrush can have AI. A term much abused by marketing, AI can quickly be overwhelming, making the real opportunities it presents hard to decipher. Explore the different applications of AI and concretely determine which options would best serve your organization based on the data you have at your disposal.


April 18 at noon, Room B – Digital marketing, Advanced level

ROI Marketing : Mesurez autrement pour vous assurer de l’impact de vos investissements marketing

Workshop presented by

Jean-François Renaud, Partner and Co-founder, Adviso


You thought that digital transformation would simplify the way you measure results, but now you realize that the proliferation of data is already requiring you to revisit your way of working. And has the multiplication of channels, and by extension customer points of contact, paired with hyper-personalized marketing campaigns,  complicated your traditional attribution models, previously guided by last-click? Learn how you can finally demonstrate the real performance of all your points of contact for every dollar invested.

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