Digital strategy News Vacation Prank at Adviso : The Beach

Vacation Prank at Adviso : The Beach

We have a thing at Adviso: when an employee comes back from vacation, we set up a prank to show the person we missed him or her, but also to have a good laugh.

Yesterday, Simon was returning from a long well-deserved vacation and, true to tradition, a beautiful surprise awaited him.










What comes around goes around

Last year, our little pranks took unexpected proportions. And Simon was the one who started it.

We had some construction work going on at the office: he involved the contractors in his silly project.

I guess he thought I had been gone for too long so he made my office disappear, like it never existed.

And then, Simon was himself leaving for vacation, during which his absence put all of us… Upside down!

Any tricks to get rid of the sand?