Digital strategy News Several new promotions within our team

Several new promotions within our team

We are very proud to announce the following promotions within our amazing team, and wish everyone success in their new roles:

From left to right and top to bottom:

Simon-Pierre Scantland, Digital Media Specialist

Since his arrival at Adviso, Simon-Pierre has stood out by quickly taking charge of several major mandates for clients in different industries. Quick thinking and resourceful, he has surpassed expectations across the spectrum, from search to social, display to video. The experience he’s accrued through these projects has given him a 360 view of media campaign management. His energy and expertise are valued by clients and colleagues alike. Because of all this, Simon-Pierre has been promoted to the role of Digital Media Specialist.

Louis Théorêt, Content Marketing Specialist

Very quickly, Louis was performing the duties of an SEO specialist, demonstrating his skills and taking the lead on several important accounts. On multiple occasions he showed he was able to deliver projects on time, and consistently make excellent recommendations. Clients value his ability to communicate clearly and have always been highly satisfied with the work he delivers. 

Catherine Larose, Project Manager

Since she started at Adviso, Catherine has been a key player on several of Adviso’s major projects. Whether she is contributing to important client files or working on the content side, she is rigorous, organized, calm and allows her colleagues to perform at the top of their game. This promotion to the role of Project Manager is well deserved. 

Jessica Verville, Digital Media Specialist

Over the past year Jessica has shown impressive growth, having quickly won her clients’ trust with her resourcefulness, sense of initiative and hard work. She also earned four certifications (Search, Display, DV360, CM Basics), created an AMO training and specialized in search. She manages her multiplatform campaigns in a rigorous, organized and autonomous fashion. Jessica is curious and an excellent team player; you can always count on her. We have the great pleasure of promoting her to Digital Media Specialist.

Johan Bravo, Customer Experience Specialist

Since starting at Adviso less than a year ago, Johan was quickly a standout on his team. One of his best qualities is his infectious sense of humour. In terms of his work, he is extremely efficient and always delivers projects within the set timeframes. Internally, he has gotten involved in standardising user research. It is with great pleasure that we announce his promotion to the role of Customer Experience Specialist. 

Matthieu Morelle, Digital Media Strategist

Matthieu skilfully managed one of Adviso’s largest brand campaigns. He distinguished himself by rapidly earning the respect of his clients. Matthieu has become a key resource for social media both internally and for his clients. He is always ready to share knowledge and help out his team. Passionate, funny and an excellent communicator – these are just a few of the ways we would describe him. Congratulations to Matthieu on his new role as Digital Media Strategist.

Jean-Christophe Bouchot, Team Lead, Sales and Marketing

Jean-Christophe was promoted to Team Lead, Sales and Marketing. A true leader on the team, he completely understands our clients’ needs and is able to communicate them to the rest of the team.

Édouard Bourque-Trudeau, Customer Experience Strategist

Édouard was promoted to the role of Customer Experience Strategist thanks to his vision in terms of optimization and his CRO leadership with one of Adviso’s major clients. His expertise has made him a key resource over the years. The promotion to this new role is well deserved.

Clément Hochedez, Content Marketing Strategist

Among other reasons, Clément was promoted to Content Marketing Strategist because he is constantly broadening his expertise. He masters the tools, understands search issues, knows which levers to pull to improve SEO, is able to get around major problems and strategically plans out avenues for optimization. Clément is very involved in the SEO practice within the agency and in the industry through initiatives like DoYouSEO. Finally, he is highly respected and loved by clients and colleagues alike.

Chérine Benyakhou, Digital Media Strategist

Congratulations to Chérine for earning the title of Digital Media Strategist. The lead on three lines of business, she is rigorous and organized. She quickly won clients’ trust with her clear, accessible recommendations. She has strong analytical skills and advanced technical knowledge that allow her to think critically about tools and processes.

Carla Valdès, Accounting Analyst

Carla arrived at Adviso in March 2018. From the beginning, she picked up every new task quickly and demonstrated tremendous curiosity about other roles in the organization, both in accounting and in general. Hungry for knowledge, she registered for a certificate at HEC last winter, and has been balancing work and school with gusto. Early on, she had the opportunity to learn how to do payroll and bank reconciliation, tasks that typically fell to the role of Accounting Analyst. Finally, the opportunity presented itself for her to move into this role, and she didn’t hesitate to show a strong interest. Valued by her colleagues, she is without a doubt an asset to our team. Congratulations, to Carla for her promotion to Accounting Analyst. 

Antoine Gravet, Talent and Culture Team Lead, Recruiter

Antoine has been masterfully handling recruitment for more than a year. His skills, analytical mind and consummate professionalism were the deciding factors in our decision to promote him within the agency, and we are thrilled to offer him the role of Interim Team Lead, Talent and Culture. Antoine is the type of person who is as skilled at putting candidates at ease so their true personalities can shine, as he is putting them slightly ill at ease, so they know not to take anything for granted. He has shown us that recruitment is an art form, practically an Olympic discipline that requires insane endurance to maintain both the pace and duration. We are very proud and very impressed by everything he has accomplished during this past year and can’t wait to see him continue to grow with us.  

Bruno Barbuio, Sales Strategist

Bruno was promoted to Sales Strategist. Bruno is an expert when it comes to Adviso’s solutions. He asks questions and works to deepen his understanding so he can offer solutions that will make the difference over the long term for our clients. 

Catherine Gratton Gagné, Team Lead, Content Marketing

Catherine has been part of the Adviso team for five years. Catherine is a born manager, an incredible strategist, a content strategy engineer and a highly client-focused individual. Her work this past year has earned her the role of Team Lead, Content Marketing.

Kristel Salesse, Team Lead, Group Account

An Advisian for five years, Kristel has now been promoted to Team Lead, Group Account. Kristel is brilliant, strategic and business wise. Her presence is felt on every project she touches. With her infamous dry wit, she’s a pillar of the team.

Aurélie Bailliache, Marketing Analytics Strategist

Having accrued more than six years of experience in the field, Aurélie has been promoted to the role of Marketing Analytics Strategist. This year, she successfully transitioned from the technical side of the industry (tagging) to the business side (insights). An excellent trainer and coach, Aurélie is highly valued by all her clients and colleagues.


Several of our talents have been promoted to directors !

From left to right:

Caroline Leprince, Digital Media Director, National Bank

Caroline has been promoted to the role of Digital Media Director for the National Bank. Caroline is a quiet force. Her team can count on her to innovate, challenge them and deliver an irreproachable performance.

Sébastien Tremblay, Customer Experience Director

Sébastien has only been a member of the Adviso team for a year, but in that time he’s managed to double his team’s size and revenue. He’s not a fan of being in the spotlight, but works hard to make sure the talent on his team is front and centre. A modern manager and an intrapreneur, he will have an important role to play in Adviso’s future growth. This year alone we owe him so much. For all these reasons, we couldn’t refrain from honouring his impressive work by elevating him to the role of Customer Experience Director.  

Moulaye Traore, Marketing Analytics Director

Moulaye has been promoted to the role of Marketing Analytics Director. Moulaye is a solid leader who’s able to push his team while still protecting them. He has been able to create balance on a team in major growth.

Nicolas Villeneuve, Digital Practice Director

Nicolas has been promoted to the role of Digital Practice Director. As part of his day-to-day, he successfully influenced dozens of experts to refine their approach with his pragmatic, goal-oriented discourse. His approach is contagious, which is why he is now director of the practice.

Philippe Boutin Lizotte, Account Director and Group Account Team Lead

Philippe has been part of the Adviso team for five years. He’s dedicated to his team and his clients. A hard worker who’s always willing to step up, he embodies 100% of Adviso’s values. He has a talent for growing his accounts and encouraging them to explore other services. Philippe is a key resource and source of inspiration for his team, and all the employees at Adviso.

Francis Devoy, Digital Media Director

Francis has been promoted to the role of Digital Media Director. Francis is a leader who listens to his teams, brings people together and is very focused on the success of his accounts. He has Adviso and its humans tattooed on his heart.

Congratulations to everyone!