Digital strategy News Room to grow at Adviso

Room to grow at Adviso

Last February 24, Adviso announced a number of promotions during a hybrid celebration held in-person at our offices. We enthusiastically celebrated the professional development and accomplishments of nine of our colleagues, who were promoted to new roles within our firm.

Today it’s your turn to learn more about these extraordinary people who earned our most recent round of appointments!

Maëlle Bail

Senior Project Manager

Maëlle arrived at Adviso two-and-a-half years ago as a project coordinator. She very quickly distinguished herself through her sense of rigour and the involvement she brings to everything she does, but also through her skill at managing projects with a master hand.

Diplomatic and empathetic, she takes care of her teams and the people she works with, always doing her utmost to help them. For clients, Maëlle is a trusted, reliable and organized person that can always be counted on. After achieving the role of project manager a year ago, she has today become senior project manager. Her capacity to efficiently manage large-scale projects as well as her advisory skills and strategic vision will certainly allow her to evolve and outdo herself in her new role.

Meggy Barbier

Digital Media Specialist

Meggy joined Adviso a little over a year ago and her non-stop evolution is always impressive. This promotion acknowledges her unparalleled organizational skills, diligence, devotion to her colleagues and clients, as well as her desire to learn, which has propelled her to impressive professional heights. Meggy also has the traits of every good teacher: listening skills, humility and a desire to share her knowledge that knows no bounds. Her advancement within our organization testifies to her constant growth, as well as her contributions to her colleagues’ evolution. We’re convinced she’ll tackle this latest challenge as a specialist with brio.

Léa Bernaix

Analytics Marketing Strategist

Léa first joined Adviso’s ranks as an analytics specialist. She very quickly established a place for herself within the Analytics and Data Science (ADS) team and made a name for herself through her ability to explicate complex topics in analytics, a skill that led to great success both with clients and her colleagues.

Always searching for insights, Léa is capable of providing clients with the information they need to make intelligent business decisions, thereby increasing their performance. We’re deeply convinced that given her skill set, she’ll excel in her role as strategist.

Chloé Damerval

Digital Media Strategist

In addition to being brilliant and rigorous, Chloé distinguishes herself through her unique personality. She’s a real trooper, both in terms of her team and in her work for clients. She’s not afraid of challenges and is an impeccable coach.

On the strength of her many years of experience in digital media, Chloé has a significant capacity to take on complex strategic challenges. Over the past year, she’s delivered high-quality campaigns with brio. She was already an excellent specialist, and in future she will no doubt be an exceptional digital media strategist.

Philippe Kotar

Data Architect

For the past two years, Philippe has developed a range of unique skills in digital analytics platforms. His specialized expertise on Adobe platforms (Adobe Analytics and Launch) enable him to handily manage complex projects for major national clients. The facility with which he designs technical solutions that are perfectly adapted to client needs makes Philippe an important and irreplaceable team member. As a data architect, he will be able to continue pushing his limits and developing professionally while focusing on satisfying the needs of our clients.

Simon Lahaie

Practice Lead Media Solutions & Innovation

Since his arrival at Adviso, Simon has greatly contributed to the development of our practices and our specialization in media. His diverse experience and technical expertise make him a great internal reference in terms of the use of data in digital strategy as well as the automation of a number of our media tools.

Given his technical skills and advanced knowledge in media, he was a natural choice for his new role as practice lead in media solutions and innovation. Now invested in a custom-made role just for him, Simon will support our experts and clients in the establishment of strategic solutions that are groundbreaking, intelligent and innovative.

Chantal Morissette

Talents Acquisition Advisor

After a change of career and a return to school, Chantal worked twice as hard in the past year to demonstrate her skills as a specialist in talent acquisition, a sector in which she had practically no experience. Now promoted to advisor, she will be able to fully express her skills at Adviso and contribute to the excellence of the agency through her maturity, deep understanding of people, work ethic, determination and authenticity.


Fabian Neuville

SEO Strategist

Fabian joined the National Bank account as an SEO specialist in the winter of 2021. His technical skills, huge passion for organic search and team spirit enabled him to progress quickly and demonstrate his leadership on a daily basis. His passion for innovation, availability to educate his peers and way of leading by example contribute to his personal achievement and create a desire for excellence in those fortunate enough to work with him.

As an SEO strategist, Fabian will consolidate his role as a pillar of the agency, allowing his talent to finally be expressed in full measure, to the greater benefit of our clients.

Roxanne Synette

Content Marketing Strategist

Since her arrival at Adviso in 2018, Roxanne’s ascent through the ranks has been impressive. Her 360 vision, strategic thinking and capacity for putting herself in users’ shoes makes her an expert who is greatly respected by her peers. Every day, her thirst for knowledge, positive energy and communication abilities lend a breath of fresh air to all the projects she is entrusted with.

As a strategist, she will build bridges with other experts at the agency, to the benefit of our clients. Her new role will also enable her to continue developing her skills and career.

We’re incredibly happy to see such talented people succeed at Adviso. It’s a sign that they’re continually learning, offering more and more value to our clients through their various fields of expertise.