Digital strategy News Adviso and Mila join forces to accelerate the rise of artificial intelligence in marketing

Adviso and Mila join forces to accelerate the rise of artificial intelligence in marketing

29 October 2020

Mila, the Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute, and Adviso are joining forces to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence in marketing in Quebec.

As the first partner from the marketing field to join the prestigious research team at Mila, Adviso brings with it close to twenty years of experience in digital marketing and five years in R&D in marketing AI, as well as a team of internationally renowned data scientists. Their combined strengths in marketing and AI will serve to advance research applied to growth and marketing contexts by building on fundamental research principles.

Since the launch of its artificial intelligence service in February 2020, Adviso has offered its clients three products that use AI, including the Segment Prospector, which generates personas with the help of information based on data analysis. The input of research from Mila will allow for accelerated development of more modules and tools that will be available to companies, who will gain in efficiency and business intelligence by putting their data to use.

With its multitude of collected data and variables to analyze, the marketing sector is fertile ground for artificial intelligence. By allocating tasks requiring an exhaustive level of rigour to machines, companies thereby liberate their people to pursue innovative, creative or thought-driven work.

In Quebec, artificial intelligence is a marketing lever that is still not often considered by small and medium-sized companies, who perceive it as having limited use and as being reserved for the big players, like GAFA. By advancing Mila’s research, Adviso aims to democratize AI in marketing and thereby continue to pursue its primary mission of contributing to the growth of companies in Quebec.

“At Adviso we believe that artificial intelligence in marketing is a major lever that enables firms to create more value with fewer resources and therefore gain competitive advantages. We’re honoured to launch an official collaboration with Mila, which is an authority in the subject.” – Jean-François Renaud, Partner and Co-founder, Adviso

“Despite increasing investments in certain sectors, Quebec companies aren’t benefiting enough from the proximity of Mila, nor from recent advances in artificial intelligence. That’s why we’re happy to partner with Adviso, a leader in strategy and digital marketing, to advance our research in this field and contribute to the competitiveness of Quebec companies.” – Valérie Pisano, President and CEO, Mila