Digital strategy News New roles, new challenges: the latest promotions at Adviso

New roles, new challenges: the latest promotions at Adviso

Recently, Adviso announced a number of promotions. We are excited to recognize the professional development and accomplishments of eleven of our colleagues who have been promoted to new positions within our firm.

Today it’s your turn to learn more about these extraordinary people who earned our most recent round of appointments!



Her ambition, desire to grow and promote her team, and passion for project management are just a few reasons we’re looking forward to seeing Alexane take on the role of project management practice lead. Alexane is a rare breed of team player. Thanks to her detailed understanding of our clients’ issues and the incredible listening skills she exhibits with co-workers, she’s been able to distinguish herself as a team reference in even the most complex situations that arise. She’s always ready to help others and praise their good work, and her performance is as legendary as her quick laughter! With her help, we can more easily face the day’s challenges, as well as ensure the evolution of our team towards providing client services that are adapted to today’s more complex issues.

Caroline Turcotte_387


Caroline came to Adviso a year ago to contribute to the evolution of our 360 media services. A curious and creative go-getter by nature, she took charge of organizing partner meetings and solidified our relationships with media entities. Always up to date on the latest industry developments, she adds a creative touch to our planning and develops media strategies that are both original and powerful for National Bank of Canada, Chambre des notaires du Québec, Sépaq, and L’Aubainerie. Caroline is especially interested in channels that appeal to Generation Z, such as TikTok, as well as influencer and experiential marketing, in addition to assisting with the development of Adviso’s practice. We’re very happy to welcome her to a new role as media strategist! Her inspiring creativity motivates us to explore new options that are off the beaten path.

Émilie Barthe_1484-1


Emilie is a great example of positive evolution at Adviso. Coming from a more eclectic career background, she arrived over seven years ago with a singular desire to continually outdo herself. What sets Emilie apart is most definitely her client service skills. By working with a number of our major clients, she has been able to deepen her knowledge of our services and truly incarnate our vision of project management within the advisory group. In recent years, we’ve also witnessed her evolution as a manager, where her interest in guiding and growing her team has impressed everyone around her.We are very proud to name Emilie to the position of director of the advisory group, where she’ll be able to coach the next generation in her vision of project management, all for the benefit of our clients!

Elaina Provencher_121


After spending only a bit over a year at Adviso, Élaina was able to make a name for herself thanks to her skills in strategy and her natural way with clients, seen in both her presentations and good advice. Both externally and internally, her sense of teamwork is so well known, everyone enjoys getting the chance to work with her! Both curious and a good listener, Élaina has become a strategic linchpin for the National Bank account. She’s also reached a new level of professional maturity, enabling her to supervise her colleagues and take on more and more responsibilities related to the bank’s overall strategies, which is why we’re delighted to appoint her as senior strategist.



After spending two years with us, Fabian has become a sought-after authority when it comes to SEO practices thanks to his contagious enthusiasm. Always armed with the latest info related to search engines, he has an opinion about everything and is happy to share it with us (especially if it will benefit our clients!). His technical skills, ability to lead major accounts, and interest in evolving our SEO services make him a key player at Adviso. In his new role as SEO practice lead, Fabian has three main responsibilities: developing and training the team, continuous practice innovation, and internal and external dissemination of practices. Now that he’s been given such a wide playing field, it will be a pleasure watching him mature and develop in the years ahead.

Florian Chabert_452 (1)


Ever since he first joined the analytics team, Florian hasn’t stopped impressing us with his ability to learn new things, his interest in service, his rigour, and his good humour. Everyone knows that working with Florian means feeling completely at ease, since he knows how to reassure clients while also providing them with the best advice available. His perfectionism lets him deliver complex projects and navigate complicated ecosystems without ever losing sight of what’s most important: client satisfaction. Plus, Florian is well known for smiling through everything, no matter what happens. For all of the above reasons, we’re delighted to see Florian become an analytics developer.

Lola Grumbach _226LOLA GRUMBACH

After arriving in February 2022 as an SEO and content marketing analyst, Lola immediately made a name for herself through her work on major accounts such as BRP, the Canadian Space Agency, National Bank of Canada, McKesson Canada/Uniprix, Héma-Québec, Simplex, and the City of Montreal. A true rising star in SEO at Adviso, she’s recognized for being talented, mature, driven, and a quick learner. We’re happy to see her named to the position of SEO and content marketing specialist. Although she would like to specialize more in technical SEO, her hybrid skills make her a key player that’s also able to take on SEO content projects. Ambitious, hard-working, and methodical, her star is sure to continue shining at Adviso, to the great benefit of our clients.

Marine Ullern_127


Marine came to Adviso a year ago to contribute to the evolution of our services in 360 media. Her sense of organization, rigour, negotiation skills, and impressive professionalism have allowed her to masterfully guide the deployment of major national and international media campaigns, as well as to plan and execute ambitious partnerships for Destination Québec Cité, Cirque du Soleil, and CAA-Québec. Marine delivers solid, well-considered media strategies. She’s especially interested in the digitization of traditional media and often tries to include them in a portion of her clients’ multimedia campaigns as part of her goal to deliver more effective media strategies. We’re happy to see her move on to the role of media strategist, especially knowing we can always rely on her team spirit and contagious good humour!



After almost a year at Adviso, Pierre has surprised us with his hunger for developing new skills and gaining knowledge. Thanks to his considerable curiosity, he’s been able to grasp both the particular ecosystems and technical challenges of our clients, and to explain those concepts to others in a clear yet detailed way.Thanks to his unrivalled client relationship skills, he’s able to listen attentively in order to discover what matters most to the people he’s working with. That’s why we’re delighted to be able to promote Pierre to the position of analytics strategist within our team. 



Last September, we were very proud to announce the promotion of Paulina to the position of media strategist. With her five years of experience in digital media, Paulina’s technical skills are beyond reproach. In the past few months she’s distinguished herself as someone with an interest in mentoring and guiding talented professionals. Paulina is empathetic and calm, regularly displaying her great facility with explicating even the most complex concepts. She is thoughtful and inspires trust. She freely gives her time to co-workers and always volunteers to lend a hand or listen. It’s exactly this array of skills that makes Paulina the perfect manager, and she’s sure to be an exceptional media team lead. Congratulations!



Joining the team less than a year ago, Sandy quickly became an important resource for her co-workers. Combining a considerable thirst for knowledge with unparalleled rigour, she’s not a fan of low-added-value or highly repetitive tasks. Her natural ease with coding lets her simultaneously handle a number of complex automation projects in areas she was barely familiar with only weeks earlier. It’s not uncommon to see her come back after only a week’s work with a turnkey solution, well programmed, that handles 90 percent of the task she initially took on. Her team spirit makes her a sought-after collaborator, partly because she knows how to make the most of the opportunities presented to her, but above all because she is happy to take the time to help her teammates. We’re very happy to promote Sandy to the position of senior analyst within our team!