Digital strategy News Adviso becomes Google Premier Partner

Adviso becomes Google Premier Partner

02 August 2021

Adviso is very proud to announce that it has obtained a Google Premier Partner badge, a label that accords high honours in the digital marketing industry.

Granted by Google, this badge enables companies to be recognized by their clients and within their sector of activity for being certified as holding the most recent skills and expertise with regard to Google Ads.

To earn this badge, a company must demonstrate excellence in three categories:

  1. Performance: Adviso maintained an optimization rate of at least 70 percent for 90 days, which indicates that we enabled our clients to achieve high levels of performance consistently during this period.
  2. Spend: Adviso demonstrated its capacity to help clients identify new growth opportunities and maintain their success through ad spends, totalling over $30 million annually.
  3. Certification: Backed by a team of 30 media specialists, Adviso met the requirements for this new program by having a minimum of 50 percent of its employees certified.

By obtaining this certification, Adviso will now have access to Google experts as well as the latest in advertising technology. Through this program, our agency will also be able to access a range of training programs that are exclusive to Google partners, such as Google Performance Insider, Google Marketing Live, Google Academy and much more. This will in turn let us offer our clients leading-edge solutions and maximize their digital performance at all times.

Adviso is amongst the best agencies in North America as selected by the Google Premier Partner Awards contest, in addition to figuring amongst the Canadian companies most certified by Google and being among the rare companies in the world to hold the authorized consultant certifications Google Premier, Google Marketing Platform, Google Cloud, Facebook, Adobe, Hubspot, Segment and PMI (Project Management Institute).

This badge is another wonderful testament to our exceptional digital expertise!