Digital strategy News One more tool in our digital arsenal: Google Optimize

One more tool in our digital arsenal: Google Optimize

We are continuing to add service offerings under our Google Premier partnership, most recently with a Google Optimize 360 certification. Not only are we one of the only agencies in Quebec to hold this certification, but it is being added to a digital service offering that already includes certifications such as Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio and Campaign Manager. Adviso was one of the first agencies in Canada to become a Google Partner in 2006, and we have now been a Google Premier Partner for several years. 

The certification process for Google Optimize 360 includes a test and a demonstration of our advanced capabilities with the tools through a client case study. Our customer experience and data science teams collaborated closely on the submission, and we are thrilled to have passed with flying colours! 

Details on the platform

Google Optimize 360 is one of the many platforms we use as part of our conversion rate optimization (CRO) service offering, where our approach aims to encourage users to take action when they visit our partners’ websites. By testing different versions of elements or pages, a company is able to adapt to its users, offer more relevant content and enrich the performance of its digital ecosystem.  

Google Optimize 360 allows us to create and measure, using A/B and multivariate testing, different versions of webpages, test the version that most closely meets the objectives, and align acquisition marketing efforts through personalization activities.

Value-added for our clients 

Our Google Optimize 360 certification speaks to our desire to offer our clients an ever-increasing level of support of the highest quality, and to the development of our skills in the area of the continual optimization of digital platforms. We will never stop pursuing the knowledge to develop new methodologies and master new tools to help us add even more value to our client’s projects. 

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