Digital strategy News Give to Moisson Montréal with Adviso

Give to Moisson Montréal with Adviso

21 December 2006

Every year, we want to thank our clients and collaborators in a creative way. For the year of 2006, Adviso’s team decided to make a donation in one of our clients or collaborators’ name to Moisson Montreal. Their mission to help control hunger and poverty in Montreal is a very important and worthy cause.

In its warehouse of 107 000 squared feet, Moisson Montreal distributes nearly 50 tons of food every day; in total amount of 38 million dollars a year. This year more than 17000 food baskets will be distributed to many underprivileged families for Christmas.

We want to congratulate Moisson Montreal’s volunteers for their hard work and wish to participate in our own way by giving a 500$ donation to the organisation. This donation will be made in the name of one of our client or collaborator that will be randomly picked.

It’s our way of thanking you by giving you the privilege to offer a greater holiday gift to people that are less fortunate.

The lucky giver’s name will be announced in our next check point

Thank you for a wonderful year

And the Adviso team wishes you a great holiday!