Digital strategy News Bardagi invests in one of the first real estate chatbots in Quebec

Bardagi invests in one of the first real estate chatbots in Quebec

24 July 2019


Adviso is proud to be the technology partner of Bardagi Real Estate, an independent franchise bringing together 34 professionals under the RE/MAX du Cartier banner in Montreal, to work on this artificial intelligence project.

A few months ago our team started a big new project: the creation of a chatbot to quickly answer questions from buyers and sellers on Facebook, Messenger and the website

Here’s an overview of the project.

Based on their experience, the Bardagi team realized that it was often more profitable to qualify a lead they had already contacted than to try to attract complete unknowns. At the same time, every client’s situation is different and therefore deserves a customized response. Already familiar with the cutting edge of new technology, the Bardagi team immediately recognized the potential of chatbots for communicating messages that are knowledgeable, yet also automated, to deliver on every authentic moment experienced by the client during their relationship with the company.

We’re excited about setting up this innovative project. This robot is the first of its kind to be used in the real estate industry in Quebec and demonstrates considerable openness on the part of the team towards new technology, as well as their desire to offer personalized service to their clientele. We’re proud of the confidence the Bardagi team has in us to carry out this highly innovative project.

Jean-François Renaud, partner and co-founder of Adviso

This robot will not only enable the development of a first line of contact with clients of the firm, but also provide data produced during chats that will allow real estate brokers to offer an even more personalized experience to potential buyers, making this digital experience a winning solution for everyone involved.

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