Digital strategy News Adviso awarded digital media service mandate for all six Reitmans Canada Ltd. banners

Adviso awarded digital media service mandate for all six Reitmans Canada Ltd. banners

It is with great pride that Adviso announces a new collaboration with Reitmans Canada Ltd., the company that operates the popular banners Reitmans, Pennington, Addition Elle, Hyba, Thyme Maternité and RW&CO. Adviso will be responsible for the strategic digital advertising planning, in addition to the digital media purchases.

Since its beginnings in Montreal in 1926 on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Reitmans Canada Ltd. truly embodies the Quebec entrepreneurial spirit. Almost 100 years later, Reitmans Canada Ltd. upholds the standing of a true leader in retail thanks to 800 locations, and of an important player in the development of e-commerce in Canada. It is thanks to this digital maturity that Adviso will be able to propel the digital performances of the Reitmans Canada Ltd. brands even further.

Adviso felt a kinship with Reitmans Canada Ltd. since the very beginning of the tender process, in part thanks to the company’s openness in regards to its digital strategy, and its comprehension of the future of digital in the fashion industry.

The genuine cooperation experienced since the tender process has been incredibly stimulating for our team! We have open-minded clients who are eager to go to the next level, as much for processes and tools as for campaign technology,

Jean François Renaud,
Partner and Co-founder at Adviso.


The entire Adviso Team is excited to collaborate with a reputable company such as Reitmans Canada Ltd. This association also represents an incredible growth opportunity, opening the door for employment opportunities at Adviso. For more information, and to explore the collections of Reitmans Canada Ltd.’s brands, visit