Digital strategy News A wave of new employees at Adviso!

A wave of new employees at Adviso!


Adviso is proud to announce the arrival of several new recruits to many of our teams!

Justine Carrière

Justine Carrière joins the Adviso team as a Team and Culture Specialist. Before joining Adviso, she worked as an HR officer for two and a half years for another organization in the tech industry. With a DEC in Hotel Management and a BA in Human Resources Management, she enjoys being in a role that combines her business sense and her service industry background to create a productive work environment that meets the expectations and ambitions of her colleagues!

Alessandra Delli-Colli

Alessandra Delli-Colli joins the Content Marketing team as a Content Marketing Coordinator. She holds a degree in graphic design and worked in that field for nearly four years before deciding to go back to school to pursue a D.E.S.S. in Marketing Communications at HEC, which she completed last spring. Before her arrival, she worked at the National Bank on the Content Marketing team.

Alexane Andreis

Alexane Andreis joins Adviso as a Receptionist. She recently completed her BA in Marketing and wanted to work for a company in the industry to improve her knowledge of the field. Besides school and work, she is also a dance instructor (West Coast Swing, primarily)!

Jonathan Perez-Lara

Jonathan joins Adviso as an interim Accounting Analyst. He has an entrepreneurial spirit which finds an outlet in his accounting firm, and through providing advisory services to SMBs.

David Nguyen

David Nguyen joins the Adviso team as an Accounts Payable Clerk. Before joining Adviso, he held human resource management and accounting positions at Domtar, Ubisoft and GE Capital Investment. Currently at Concordia University, he is completing a double undergraduate degree in Human Resources Management and Teaching English as a Second Language, and is passionate about helping other students find their paths.