Case study


140 %
Increase in online transactions
175 %
Increase in YoY numbers
69 %
Increase in campaign-related sales


The digital expertise of our internal and the Adviso team combined takes the thinking, the strategies and the performance of digital activities further. Together, we are one big team !
Roxane Lalonde
E-commerce DirectorLouis Garneau Sports Inc.


Garneau was serious about making a digital shift and invested in making it happen – with powerful results. It was a true pleasure to feel like our agency was investing the same level of effort as our internal team!  

Louis Garneau Sports has been part of Quebec’s athletic scene since 1983, specializing in the manufacture of innovative clothing and accessories for athletes. In April 2018, Garneau asked Adviso to provide support for their digital initiatives in order to maximize visibility and stimulate online sales in the United States and Europe.

Initially focused on strategy and media campaign management, the relationship rapidly evolved into daily guidance on complex technical questions and external issues, creating a fast bond between the Garneau and Adviso teams.

Thanks to a media strategy encompassing multiple channels, audience pools were created based on search intentions, fields of interest and other data that allowed us to precisely target potential consumers. In six months, the company’s online sales increased by 20% and sales attributable to campaigns by keyword rose by 45%.

Black Friday and Boxing Week sales: an explosive year end

A period of peak consumption, November and December is a time when advertisers are able to considerably increase their revenue. But competition is ferocious, and nothing can be taken for granted. On Black Friday and Boxing Week, it’s not survival of the fittest, it’s survival of the smartest. Every well-invested dollar is synonymous with a part of the market won. In short, it’s a jungle out there.  

The agility and reactivity of the team paired with a relationship based on trust allowed us to implement a model based on the conversion funnel in extremis. Developed by the Adviso technology and data science team, the AMFM model allows us to segment consumers by purchase cycle.

During the Black Friday period from November 21 to 28, 2018, online transactions more than doubled (140%) compared to the previous year, and sales related to paid campaigns increased by 69%. Facebook, AdWords and display alone generated a third of the total transactions during this peak period.

Results from Boxing Week sales were even more impressive: 2018 numbers show an increase of 175% compared to 2017. Campaigns were responsible for 41% of transactions. The media exposure bought on social channels generated more transactions in November and December than in the six previous months.

Garneau was serious about making a digital shift and invested in making it happen – with powerful results. This is what happens when you bet on passion, trust and innovation !



Maximize its visibility in the United States and Europe
Boost online sales to these new markets
Segment consumers according to their buying cycle
Make your place in a very aggressive competitive environment


Create audience pools based on search intentions and fields of interest
Deploy AMFM Funnel Model
Leverage SEM and Paid Social Media to Drive Increased Transactions
Optimize results in real time to highlight top-performing ads