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The team at Adviso really listened to our needs, they proposed innovative solutions that produced results.
Sophie Blais
Marketing Director
Nautilus Plus

Attract prospects in-store through a digital-only strategy


In recent years, the market has experienced significant diversification, particularly with the arrival of low-cost gyms. In the face of a plethora of options, making a choice has never been more complex, but consideration stays limited. In this highly competitive landscape, Nautilus Plus, a renowned and professional gyms network, set a goal of increasing the number of annual Boomerang program members.

The creation and launch of the Boomerang membership which includes a credit for every day you train is another demonstration of our powerful differentiation and market leadership; everything has been set up to support regular participation, which is an essential condition for our members to get the results they’re looking for.

Martin Légaré, CEO, Nautilus Plus

The typical user journey for consumers looking to sign up to a fitness centre begins with an online search for information, usually followed by a visit to a physical location and a trial membership. Only then will the consumer be ready to engage in a transaction.

This transaction therefore generally happens directly at the fitness centre, which has the effect of limiting the conversion data used by digital teams: user journey, number of interactions needed between the company and the customer before a membership is bought, obstacles to conversion, conversion rates and timeframes, among others. 

In the absence of visibility on this data and control over the final conversion, Adviso focused its efforts on the penultimate step in the purchasing process: lead generation in branches.

The main goal of this mandate was therefore to drive as many prospects as possible to Nautilus centres. The challenge, for us, was to make the connection between our initiatives and the end results, all with the goal of continually optimizing our activities.   We deployed an omnichannel strategy allowing us to measure and optimize the volume of potential new members to the different Nautilus Plus locations across Quebec.

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