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Cost per lead compared to standard lead ad format
Lead Gen Form submission rate through Conversation Ads
Of total webinar registrations coming from LinkedIn Conversation Ads

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LinkedIn Conversation Ads recommended by Adviso worked better than the standard ads for leads. The fact that they are more personal and delivered directly into the inbox of engineers helps us grab their attention.
Valérie Verpaet
Communication Advisor, Énergir

Successfully target a niche audience for webinars

Lead generation for energy efficiency programs can be tricky given the range of decision makers on the client side and the overall lack of familiarity with such initiatives. Énergir, Québec’s leading natural gas distributor, needed to communicate the key benefits of its programs and solutions to engineers so that they can in turn help promote these programs.

Energir chose to leverage webinars to introduce engineers to the company’s leading-edge natural gas solutions and energy efficiency programs. Webinars are also a great way to generate leads for their business development team.

In order to generate as many registrations as possible for these webinars intended for such a niche target audience, we recommended that our client use the LinkedIn platform and more specifically the Conversation Ads that LinkedIn had just made available to us. LinkedIn’s Conversation Ads allow companies to send personalized messages (job title, company name) directly to a user’s inbox and initiate an interactive engagement.

Thanks to a Lead Gen Form submission rate of 71%, more than a quarter of the webinar registrations came from the LinkedIn Conversation Ads. The cost of driving those registrations was also 87% less than the standard lead ad format, at a CPL of $10CA.

As a result of the campaign’s success, we integrated LinkedIn Conversion Ads as the main tactic to reach their audience for their second webinar. “When optimizing, we allocate our investments on the most efficient initiatives. Even though we assigned much more budget to the Conversation Ad format, we were able to scale with even better results”, Simon Lahaie, Digital Media Strategist at Adviso.

In addition, Energir was able to leverage LinkedIn integration with Zapier to automatically sync their webinar registrants to their GoToWebinar instance and was also able to push them directly into HubSpot. Communications and reminders were then sent leading up to the event to ensure maximum participation.

Challenges related to the project

The lockdown and distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic had greatly limited the company’s promotion efforts
The engineers no longer had the opportunity to attend conferences and spread the word
We had to find a platform adapted to a niche target audience as well as an engaging advertising format to maximize the campaign success

Strategies deployed by Adviso

Identify the most appropriate platform based on the niche target audience
Work with our partner LinkedIn to successfully test a new ad format (in beta at the time of the campaign)
Define the most qualified types of positions and companies to maximize the campaign performance
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