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Having an Adviso consultant in our office with a big picture view of our social media and internal activities created excellent synergy between Nespresso’s various stakeholders and partners. We are now far more proactive than reactive, holding onto our spontaneity while being well prepared.
Mohamed Sow-Hatpé
Digital Marketing Manager

Supporting the brand in its content strategy, production, management and creation


For nearly two years, Adviso has helped Nespresso Canada with its social media strategy while improving the overall content creation and publishing process on all the brand’s social platforms. A consultant from Adviso is even embedded in Nespresso’s offices in order to be more involved in its multi-stakeholder reality, identify opportunities related to its business goals and ensure that guidelines are in place to connect new initiatives with existing processes. The consultant allows us to promote a unified vision across multiple business units, which in turn enables us to implement concrete actions, quickly. The presence of this facilitator ensures a high level of reactivity in the face of Nespresso’s changing reality and the evolving world of social media. In the end, the result has been a considerable improvement in the quality of Nespresso’s digital initiatives.

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