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Lasik MD

+17 %
Pre-operation booking from digital media YoY
+21 %
Leads from digital media YoY
+33 %
SEM conversion rate

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With Adviso as our strategic partner we were able to increase our conversions online by capitalizing on advanced digital media strategies.
Jennifer Durocher
Director of Multi-Channel Marketing

Moving LASIK MD forward using advanced digital media strategies

Adviso and LASIKMD have been working together since 2010 to bring the digital ambitions of the industry-leading laser eye surgery clinic to life. Initially mandated to do local SEO, then to implement programmatic ad technology and plan digital media buys, the strategic partnership quickly expanded. Adviso now works with LASIK MD and its subsidiaries on projects related to media, search, performance measurement and user experience. This solid partnership has given LASIK MD an edge over the market, and allowed it to significantly grow its key digital performance indicators, in addition to generating qualified leads for over 30 LASIK MD clinics across Canada.

Challenges related to the project

The myths associated with this surgical procedure are the biggest barrier to entry for this type of surgery
Communicating the right message in media while avoiding the cold, clinical tone often used by the industry
Medical advertising is heavily regulated
Increased prevalence of contact lens and glasses retailers on the Canadian market
It’s a one-time service, so it’s imperative to attract and engage the client at the right time in their customer journey

Strategies deployed by Adviso

Take charge of the conversion funnel from end to end; not just performance, but also acquisition and engagement
Break through barriers related to cost, financing, and fear by communicating the right message to the right people at the right time in the customer journey, using a storytelling approach
Help develop synergy between traditional and digital marketing with a multi-channel approach that allows each channel to be managed cohesively, not in silos
Use internal data to better target potential customers and collect, organize and deploy qualified audiences
Deploy technological platforms that make it possible to determine the contribution of each media source throughout the customer journey, and provide a more in-depth attribution analysis
Optimize media profitability by negotiating costs with the major players in the publishing world, allowing for a significant increase in impressions

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