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Nature’s Touch

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Working with Adviso has taken the guesswork out of our Digital, Social Media and Content planning. Not only did they provide a complete and thorough web analysis with recommendations, their Go-to-Market strategy has become a staple for all our digital planning and affectionately nicknamed “The Digital Bible”
Dara Woods-Briskin
Brand Manager
Nature's Touch

Go-to-Market strategy

Nature’s Touch, a Canadian company specialized in the frozen fruit and vegetable industry, reached out to Adviso to develop a go-to-market strategy aligned with their brand awareness and acquisition goals. Our team started with an in-depth contextual analysis of the food market and consumer trends in order to fully understand how the brand would need to be positioned to reach its target audience. We then capitalized on these trends by creating a seasonal calendar to guide both the social content strategy and digital media efforts.

The go-to-market strategy was broken down by brand goal, taking into consideration the entirety of the digital ecosystem from digital media, to content, to customer and user experience. Our experts outlined their tactical recommendations with the objective of fully equipping the Nature’s Touch marketing team and their partner agencies, and of creating useful digital initiatives in the short, medium and long term. The Nature’s Touch team received a detailed worksheet detailing the steps to follow in order to deploy the recommendations proposed by the Adviso team.

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