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Faced with the major challenge of growing the content marketing program at the National Bank, Adviso quickly set up specialized teams that allowed us to increase the pace and impact of our content strategy. By allowing us to grow our pool of collaborators, both for our proprietary content and for media partners, they permitted us to quickly shift our audience to a younger demographic, which was one of our top priorities for this year.
Philippe Santerre
Lead strategist and Content Marketing Team Lead, National Bank

Brand transformation through content marketing

Over the years, the National Bank has built a rich environment of advice-type content consisting of over 3,000 blog articles. Collaborating with Adviso allowed the Bank to create and optimize quality content with the goal of shifting the perception of its brand among millennials. The objective was to publish more engaging content that effectively represents the “makers” DNA of the National Bank, while simultaneously making the connection to “real life”, one that is beautiful but not always simple when it comes to talking about money. The results presented were achieved over a short period of six months, a testament to the effectiveness of the strategy and tactics deployed.

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