Case study

Groupe Park Avenue

vehicle sales compared to the previous year (with a 25% drop in media investments)
more leads compared to the previous year
cost per lead compared to the previous year

Find out how we did it

Once we made the decision to take a digital shift, we chose Adviso, an innovative, visionary, digital-first partner. The results speak for themselves, and we are just getting started!
Norman John Hébert
Vice-Président, Développement des affaires

Planning and executing marketing efforts, both digital and traditional

Groupe Park Avenue and Adviso have been working together for several years on digital media and marketing consulting. Since the beginning of 2017, Adviso has become its primary agency. Groupe Park Avenue chose a fundamentally digital agency to manage the full scope of its marketing activities because of a desire to make a more pronounced shift towards digital. The objective is to use modern tools and continuous innovation to increase the success and reputation of Groupe Park Avenue, without necessarily increasing the budget. Adviso chose two partners that share its values, BICOM for public relations, and Macadam for design. This recipe has so far proven promising, and performance indicators are on the rise.

Challenges related to the project

The highly competitive nature of the automobile industry;
Changing purchasing habits among millennials;
Realities are very different from one dealership’s brands to the next.

Strategies deployed by Adviso

Took control of the entire conversion funnel to increase synergy; from building awareness of Groupe Park Avenue, to engagement, to conversions;
Relied on the vast quantities of internal client data to maximize the impact of media buy;
Avoided environments saturated with noise from car ads, like radio and newspapers. Instead chose environments where we can stand out and innovate;
Prioritized high-quality placements, particularly outdoor signage in strategic locations, digital out-of-home in targeted restaurants and offices, scalable interactive banners integrating Groupe Park Avenue’s car shopping assistance tool;
Created advertising material that’s current, inspiring and personalized according to the audience and season;
Left the work of brand promotion to the major manufacturing groups. But made sure to be present in the main acquisition channels when the user is preparing to decide on one brand or another;
Automated the monthly manufacturers promotions in SEM ads so that the promotional messaging is consistent across all channels – from television to web;
Used Groupe Park Avenue’s first party data to differentiate the messages going out to current clients from those going to potential clients. We wanted to create incremental business opportunities and maximize the loyalty of current customers;
Tested a promotional approach on Facebook by targeting based on interests, demographics and relevant markets for each dealership;
Launched dynamic remarketing based on the user’s shopping history.

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