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Adviso’s support and expertise in this large-scale web project allowed us to quickly understand what challenges we were up against, and find solutions just as quickly. With their multidisciplinary support, Adviso helped us push our limits and offer our customers an e-commerce ecosystem that surpassed our expectations.
Pedro Silva
Marketing & E-Commerce Director

Strategic planning of omnichannel business

Groupe Deschênes is the biggest Canadian-owned distributor of products and equipment for building services (plumbing, heating, electricity, CVAC/R and fire protection), water and sewage systems, and car parts. It operates several sites specifically targeting specialized contractors. Over the past few years, Adviso supported Groupe Deschênes in the launch of e-commerce initiatives for its eight principal subsidiaries, and in the organization of a catalogue to support these eight businesses, containing more than 100,000 products. Targeting very specific B2B markets from coast to coast, these sites allow a pool of entrepreneurs and tradespeople to access detailed product information and, when they log in, to see their prices, as well as the status of their orders and accounts. Furthermore, it allows them to place complex orders, obtain online estimates, or merchandise releases.

Learn more about their digital transformation in Les Affaires. [French only]

Challenges related to the project

Respond to the specific needs of a particular group of B2B customers (entrepreneurs, buyers, plumbers, electricians, service or parts clerks, etc.);
Create and roll out a management structure for the sites that responds to the needs of the different companies within the group;
Support Groupe Deschênes in the implementation of a global marketing and e-commerce team able to work collaboratively with brand teams; help with the hiring and launch of this team;
Organize a coordinated launch of eight sites, most of which are bilingual, both on mobile and desktop;
In a coherent way, organize a catalogue of more than 100,000 diverse products, ranging from small generic parts to costly, complex equipment;
Clearly display product availability in a network of more than 100 locations offering order pick-up or delivery of merchandise to the client;
Support complex order cycles, including management of estimates, the progressive release of merchandise, resupply, etc.;
Allow for different levels of permissions within a client account, reflecting the complexity of B2B clients: some employees have budget limits, others aren’t permitted to see prices or account status, etc.

Strategies deployed by Adviso

Strategic planning for 8 B2B e-commerce sites;
Situational analysis and recommendations for sites that needed to allow for: 24/7 access to accounts and product availability, delivery within 24 hours to a store location or work site, tracking of stock shortages, requests for quotes, renewals, etc.
In-depth user experience development : interviews, focus groups and user tests with construction contractors (clients of Groupe Deschênes), and staff representatives in three Canadian cities with regards to their expectations and needs from Groupe D
Website development: information architecture, wireframes, dynamic prototyping, detailed specifications;
User testing with targeted construction contractors and members of the Groupe Deschênes staff to verify the functional dynamic prototype;
Help with the selection of a technology platform and web development agency;
Support for the client’s technical teams and other suppliers during development;
Ongoing support in digital strategy, user experience and performance measurement;
Support in the implementation of a marketing and e-commerce team.

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