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The Défi 28 jours became a movement, a popular activity in Quebec, and was been met with the same level of enthusiasm as Movember. The innovative and creative approach proposed by Adviso allowed us to engage new donors and especially to share our mission with them. Thank you and Congratulations to the team!
Annie Papageorgiou
Managing Director of the Jean Lapointe Foundation

Raising funds and renewing the Foundation’s donor base

This campaign’s goal was to generate donations and raise awareness regarding how alcohol can take over their lives and the lives of others. We developed an application that allows donations to be made via Facebook and with which users can track their “abstinence calendar” over the course of 28 days. The campaign was launched only on Facebook and attracted traditional media due to its originality. This benefitted both the user and the Jean Lapointe Foundation. To find out more about the campaign, you can view the 4 keys factors behind the success of the 28 longest days of your life .

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