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Are you looking to know more about your users, and how to meet their needs? At Adviso, we take a holistic approach to user experience. Whatever your project, our strategic approach to the user experience will simultaneously respond to:

  • Your users’ needs;
  • Your business goals;
  • Technological feasibility.

Looking beyond internal issues, our vision is focused on the end-user to ensure they have a frustration-free digital experience. That’s why it’s essential to follow a specific methodology from strategy to execution, divided into five steps (Research, Define, Explore, Conceive, Validate).

Throughout this process, we encourage co-creation through design thinking workshops with our clients, which allows us to respond to issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The user experience is at the heart of our thinking in the conception of any digital project. Users’ habits change (mobile UX) and evolve quickly. Adviso is here to help you plan for the future thanks to the user experience.


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This preliminary step allows us to gain insights about your user’s thanks to a mixed research methodology:

  • Qualitative data (interviews, observations, discussion groups);
  • Quantitative data (analytics data, questionnaires);
  • Behavioural data (heatmaps, scrollmaps, form analysis, user journey analysis);
  • Heuristic analysis (ergonomic principles);
  • UX benchmarking (competitive analysis, research on best practices).


In a long-term vision, this step allows you to identify targets, what their needs are and how they act:

  • Persona creation;
  • User stories;
  • User journeys;
  • Use cases.


This step is the bridge between the strategic phase and the tactical phase. It’s when your strategy starts to become concrete.

Through design thinking workshops, we aim to solve different issues together:

  • Creation of user journeys;
  • The conception of the user interface.

Conceive (conception)

This is when it all becomes concrete. This step is the actual execution of the UX strategy. Using user insights, we develop:

  • Prototypes of functional pages;
  • Wireframes.

Validate (optimization)

This is the final step before graphic design, and uses several methods to validate the way users interact with the prototype:

  • Usability testing;
  • Analysis of cart abandonment rates;
  • A/B test planning;
  • KPI monitoring (aligning user needs with your business goals).


The optimization of your customer’s digital experience requires complex, multi-source data analysis. Adviso has created models that are capable of transforming your raw data into deep marketing insights about your consumers and their actual needs.


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