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Ordre des Architectes du Québec

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Proportion of pages deleted to improve the performance of the site following a scoring exercise
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The design and launch of a new website is an intimidating prospect for an organization. It can create a fair amount of stress for the employees responsible for the project. The support we got from Adviso went a long way towards reducing the stress and the workload that a project of this scale can bring about. Throughout the project, the team at the Ordre felt confident that we were in good hands with Adviso. The project lead and other specialists were generous with their knowledge and made recommendations adapted to the organizational reality of the Ordre and the needs of its diverse clientele.
Véronique Bourbeau
Communications and Public Relations Director

Planning and strategic support for the new Ordre des architectes du Québec (OAQ) website

In the digital era, the Ordre des architectes du Québec needs to be collaborative, agile and innovative in order to meet the needs of the general public, architects, candidates to the profession and out-of-province graduates. In order to capture every possible opportunity, the OAQ reached out to Adviso to help maximize the potential of its current website, the main driver of its strategic plan and communications strategy.  

The purpose of the mandate with the Ordre was to improve its presence, online service offering and content, as well as to optimize its social development and organizational performance. 

To kick off the project, we met with the different business units, conducted an analysis of the user journey and available analytics data, and organized interviews with stakeholders from the OAQ’s target audiences. This research allowed us to develop tactical and strategic recommendations, as well as digital personas.  

Next, we redesigned the information architecture of the current site in order to define a structure for new online initiatives, and accelerated their execution by proposing plans and specifications to be used by development, design and copywriting teams. To support the OAQ in the selection of a supplier, we led the creation of a brief and guided the Ordre through the evaluation of the candidates by developing a selection criteria grid.   

In the process, the OAQ also benefited from our team’s strategic advice on SEO. This advice was translated into a redirection plan and an in-depth analysis of the impact of the site update on SEO. 

Finally, our UX team worked closely with the development agency in order to ensure a frictionless user journey and conducted quality control before the implementation phase of the project. 

Adviso’s involvement in the mandate facilitated communications between the OAQ and the development agency, and ensured rigorous project management by offering support and business advice. 

Challenges related to the project

Developing a structure that’s both easy for users to understand and that adheres to legal architecture terminology
Categorizing online content by target audience in order to create the information architecture
Conveying the importance of SEO, in lay terms, to the client and members of the Ordre

Strategies deployed by Adviso

Interviews with target audiences
Development of digital personas
Recommendations of tactics and directions for optimization
Development of the information architecture for the current OAQ site and functional and technical mock-ups
Analysis of the impact of the site update on SEO
Strategic UX consulting with the development agency and quality control at the end of the project

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