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I’d like to give a big thank-you to the entire team at Adviso that helped us with this project. As a professional team with competencies in many disciplines, you were able to understand our challenges and needs. I really appreciated the synergy of our relationship and would enthusiastically recommend you as a collaborator.
Jérémie Gingras
Digital Marketing Manager

Digital strategic planning for the B2B presence

The B2B food service market can be reached by leveraging sector-specific features, specialized content and an exclusive portal made for both distributors and the institutional, hospitality and restaurant (HRI) market.

Olymel, a Canadian leader in the poultry and hog production and transformation market with revenues in excess of $3.6B, asked Adviso to plan and support the evolution of its online presence for the B2B food service sector. After interviewing numerous stakeholders at the company and in its customer segments, which ranged from distributors, restaurant chains and hospitality groups to institutions, our team was able to provide a detailed online strategy and tactical roadmap to execute the mandate.

Adviso provided guidance to the client’s internal teams in the selection of an appropriate digital platform and website development firm, as well as during the content development and preparation phase. In addition, Adviso partnered with Olymel’s internal team and the web development firm to design a customer experience that would be relevant to Olymel’s different types of B2B customers and that would highlight Olymel’s innovative offering. Adviso also supported its partners in the creation of an exclusive hub to enable B2B commercialization and lead-generation tactics for Olymel’s structured, Canada-wide B2B salesforce and the efforts of its food service distribution partners.

Challenges related to the project

Need for a site that supported Olymel’s own salesforce as well as its distribution partners in the sale of its selection of products
Diverse product offering that needed proper online merchandising in a compliancy-focused agrifood market requiring clear, supported claims and proper labelling
Complex product attribute and format management (e.g., portion types, storage needs, manipulation, etc.)
Satisfaction of B2B end users, influencers and decision-makers who have specific productivity concerns regarding commercial kitchen processes and equipment, uniformity, capacity, etc.
Satisfaction of diverse market subsegments with their own considerations: distributors, restaurant chains, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.
Need for a lean product information process and integration with an internal records system
Efficiency expectations from multiple internal teams
Need for decision-making tools that are relevant to the food service market

Strategies deployed by Adviso

Creation of different zones to target specific market segments and distribution channels, with content based on selection criteria for each segment, and a custom product selection
Unified catalogue built around attributes and filters that reflect real-life expectations of food service customers
Use of badges for popular claims (e.g., gluten-free, allergen-free, etc.), as well as other key selection attributes
Creation of detailed product pages, including relevant B2B imaging
Launch of a B2B lead-generation rationale
Private access to an exclusive hub with additional tips, calculators and other features for selected leads and customers

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