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User interviews carried out
Potential vendors evaluated
6 month
Of agile development from the start of planning to the launch of the site

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Thanks to your recommendations and project management, our digital presence is rooted in a strong foundation. Adviso made a significant contribution to the development of the project. It was a long road, but the end result is a product we are extremely proud of.
Yan Beaumont
Planning Advisor, City of Montreal

Redesign of the PME MTL network’s site

The PME MTL network was born of the reorganization of the model for local economic development in the Montreal area. The 18 CLD/CDECs previously responsible for local economic development were replaced by six organizations which have come together to form the PME MTL network. Given the circumstances, the network needed to revisit its digital ecosystem to ensure that it would have a single site and web presence, in order to better meet users’ needs. Adviso supported PME MTL throughout the preparation for the redesign project, including strategic planning, site design, the selection of production partners (design and development), and UX support, right up to the time the site was delivered.

Challenges related to the project

Structuring the network’s digital ecosystem - online presence was scattered and clustered (18 sites and social presences)
Define and respond to the needs of external and internal users
Preserve SEO from previous sites
Manage the numerous stakeholders within each network hub, and facilitate their participation in the project
Work with limited internal resources - no resource dedicated to the management and maintenance of PME MTL’s digital presence

Strategies deployed by Adviso

Develop information architecture and navigation based on the needs of target users (entrepreneurs) following an in-depth analysis of user profiles
Influence content strategy and tools available to advisors in the network, to make available services more discoverable, and support users in the development of their projects
Create mock-ups to inform subsequent design phases
Conduct a two-stage migration of previous sites towards the new, unified network site
Develop a two-year tactical roadmap to guide the digital evolution of the network (platforms, resources, marketing strategies)
Put a collaborative, agile method in place with the client, enabling us to better understand the internal realities of network hubs, and meet the needs of all stakeholders and facilitate their participation

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