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Adviso's expertise in strategy and digital transformation was of great help when we rethought our overall strategic approach. Adviso's vision and skills allowed us to translate the evolution of our mission into concrete business transformation. Adviso was the ideal strategic partner to communicate that Technologia was not only training, but transforming and supporting individuals and companies to reach their full potential.
Cyril Vulgarides

Strategic planning for an online repositioning

For over 25 years, Technologia has offered professional development through a wide range of training options in human capital, information technology, project management, and written and oral communication. With help from more than 60 experienced trainers, the company has been able to position itself as a key player in professional development among 1200 Quebec companies, including the majority of the 500 largest companies in the territory.

Over the years, Technologia’s catalogue of services and training opportunities has grown more complex, and its accumulated marketing initiatives caused confusion for potential customers, who found it hard to find the information they were looking for. Given this, it was deemed necessary to revise the way the service offering was communicated, moving it from a catalogue of training options, to a learning experience.

To help them reassess their positioning, Technologia gave Adviso a mandate to support their strategic thinking process. Through meetings with various internal roles and by bringing the organization’s strengths into alignment with best market practices, Adviso’s business consultants were able to work with Technologia to develop a strategic vision that offered the company greater opportunity for growth and transformation.  

Using this vision as the foundation, Adviso led a user research project among current and potential Technologia customers, with the goal of understanding their needs and irritants in order to develop and provide a better digital user experience. This allowed Technologia to outfit itself with a powerful new digital platform aligned with its brand vision. 

Challenges related to the project

Renew online brand positioning in partnership with BrandBourg Marketing and Design
Simplify the offering by addressing both professionals looking to upgrade their skills and companies managing their professional development programs
Optimize the customer experience by reworking the purchase and online registration process
Acquire new customers through content marketing, primarily by leveraging Technologia’s greatest strength: its network of trainers and customers
Establish a way of working, a cohesive approach and a level of quality unique to Technologia despite a wide array of training options developed by a large number of trainers

Strategies deployed by Adviso

Analysis of the structure and performance of the digital and technological ecosystem
Analysis of the competition online
Development of digital personas, as well as their customer journeys, using various research tools (surveys, interviews, tests, etc.)
Creation of an inbound marketing strategy aimed at acquiring new customers
Development of information architecture and wireframes through co-creation workshops with various business units
Definition of a content strategy that responds to search intentions and respects the new brand identity developed by BrandBourg Marketing and Design

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