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Through this series of content, our objective was to bring the National Bank's signature "Powering your ideas" to life and inspire people to take action and dare to carry out their projects. Adviso successfully guided us in a well-crafted media and content marketing execution in order to promote the series throughout Quebec in an integrated way. The tactics recommended and the agility demonstrated by the team are definitely reasons why the series was such a trending topic!
Gabrielle Légère
Content Marketing and Brand Expression Advisor
Banque Nationale

Change public perception of the National Bank through a branded content campaign


The National Bank tagline “Powering your ideas” was introduced in 2015, but without much fanfare. Using, as its base, a brand image that was reimagined in 2016, the goal for 2017 was to reinvigorate the brand and change people’s perceptions by capitalizing on the maker movement in a positive way. What could be better than celebrating real accomplishments by putting them front and centre? Big or small, every idea has the potential to come to life.

The campaign strategy centred on the video series “Celebrate those who dare” that told the unusual stories of various protagonists: a tattoo artist who became a doctor, a divorced couple living together in a triplex, a group of young Montrealers who launched a clothing brand. Complementary articles were also created and published alongside the series.

To ensure this content would be seen by the Quebec public over a one-year period, Adviso put in place a progressive media strategy that started by targeting a broad audience, and became more refined over time thanks to the accumulation of engaged audiences and remarketing to the most qualified audiences.

Challenges related to the project

Being perceived as a content creator, and not just a company offering products and services
Creating a balanced media mix, making sure not to overexpose the public to the same content
Building audience loyalty around very different subjects
Adapting the distribution strategy based on how content is consumed on different devices and platforms
Staying on top of new trends and best practices for promoting content, to be able to adapt tactics as needed

Strategies deployed by Adviso

Create a unique user experience with formats adapted to mobile and desktop, but also thought out in terms of platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat,
Have recourse to different video formats (6 sec., 30 sec., 2 min.) and to complementary articles to create a complete customer journey
Deploy video content on Quebec’s premier Web TV site,, while creating a unique partnership that allowed us to benefit from the network’s reach and credibility
Test Snapchat’s new advertising platform to reach millennials
Build up engaged audiences throughout the program, and retarget them with complementary content to gradually change their perceptions over time
Develop a unique performance report to measure organic and paid branding tactics
Use data in real time to optimize and adjust tactics along the way

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