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The Adviso team has supported Uniprix since 2008. Their specialists in search marketing, social media, strategy, mobile and usability have allowed Uniprix to stand out as a strong, bold and strategic brand, especially in web. Young and dynamic, the Adviso team has been able to support us through each new challenge we decide to tackle, including those we undertake in collaboration with other loyal commercial partners.
Caroline Blazy
Chief marketing relationship et Internet

A long-term business relationship punctuated by a stand-out social campaign

On the occasion of their 35th anniversary, Uniprix wanted to push their online presence farther, to increase their reputation online, and to make as much noise as possible before a key period of the year: the Holidays. With that in mind, we developed an aggressive social strategy.

On top of that, Adviso is participating in the strategic online marketing efforts of more than 365 store locations.

Here is the (french) case study of the program :

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