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The campaign was a resounding success! It drove 7 times more UK traffic to our site and generated conversations between our sales specialists and the directors of qualified British companies. These results are all the more significant because Montreal isn’t traditionally considered a “natural” fit for English investors.
Louis Arseneault
Vice-president - Talent Attraction, Promotion & Communication

Promoting economic growth in Greater Montreal to a niche audience

The mandate of Montréal International (MI) is to attract international organizations, direct investments, and international strategic workers to the city, as well as to promote the economic value of Greater Montreal. The London UK/TIC digital campaign (a low budget two-month campaign) aimed to promote Greater Montreal as an attractive city to establish in among a niche and highly solicited audience, namely the influencers and decision-makers of London TIC companies with strong potential for establishing in or expanding to Montreal. To accomplish this, Adviso and MI collaborated on developing a strategy that was innovative on every level, from planning, to creation (led by MI), to content distribution, to the media strategy.

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