Do I need to redesign my website?



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If you’ve gotten this far, chances are you’re asking yourself this question. Or you’ve already decided to redesign your
site, but you came across this article and clicked to ease your conscience. Either way, I’m sure you’re busy, so I’ll get right to the point:

Whatever the reason, before dropping the wrecking ball on your website, figure out what you want to build in its place.




Pokémon GO or the myth of the lazy user



(Sunday of the EURO final, 106th minute of game time. Ronaldo out. No goals.)

- I’ll be back in a couple of minutes, there’s a gym at the end of the road…

- Wait, are you serious!?!

In this one surreal moment, I came to understand that within less than 24 hours, a simple iOS app still not even officially available in Canada had transformed my boyfriend into a servile drone.



Data visualization made easy with Google Data Studio 360



Google is creating buzz in digital circles, among other things with the launch of the Google Analytics 360 suite of tools, which includes the new dashboard tool, Data Studio 360.

The only free tool in an otherwise mainly paid suite of Google products, Data Studio is resolutely interactive and collaborative, as much in terms of data design as reporting. The free version limits each account to 5 reports, as opposed to 1,000 in the paid version. Currently available in Beta in the US only, it should be available in Canada soon.
As with the Google Analytics interface, the interface is very intuitive.



5 steps guide to run a mobile app install campaign on Google AdWords



Promoting your app when it launches can have an enormous impact on your number of downloads, not only due to the traffic generated by your ads, but also by giving your app a better “organic” ranking in the list of the most downloaded apps.

Google AdWords is an ideal platform to promote your mobile app and maximize downloads using targeted keywords.

Here are the steps to follow to create a healthy, effective app install campaign:



7 ingredients for a modern approach to digital media



An effective, efficient, scalable digital media strategy that creates real assets for the brand requires several key components.

Your media buying choices aren’t driven by publisher or platform, but rather by target audience. The audience you’re targeting is more important than where an ad is being displayed. Digital makes this truer than ever. Advertisers often still buy exclusively by property or media brand. There is obviously some value to that as it guarantees a certain level of audience quality, but it can’t replace customer data that gives you sure knowledge of a person’s status, interests, or characteristics as they relate to the campaign. READ MORE