5 steps guide to run a mobile app install campaign on Google AdWords



Promoting your app when it launches can have an enormous impact on your number of downloads, not only due to the traffic generated by your ads, but also by giving your app a better “organic” ranking in the list of the most downloaded apps.

Google AdWords is an ideal platform to promote your mobile app and maximize downloads using targeted keywords.

Here are the steps to follow to create a healthy, effective app install campaign:



7 ingredients for a modern approach to digital media



An effective, efficient, scalable digital media strategy that creates real assets for the brand requires several key components.

Your media buying choices aren’t driven by publisher or platform, but rather by target audience. The audience you’re targeting is more important than where an ad is being displayed. Digital makes this truer than ever. Advertisers often still buy exclusively by property or media brand. There is obviously some value to that as it guarantees a certain level of audience quality, but it can’t replace customer data that gives you sure knowledge of a person’s status, interests, or characteristics as they relate to the campaign. READ MORE


How to Define: Objective, Strategy and Tactic? [Infographic]

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Icons' source:

A year ago I posted an article defining the terms mission, objective, strategy, and tactic. It’s a piece I’ve often referred back to when I want to explain the difference between these terms, but I realized we were missing a condensed version. I wanted something I could print and put up at my desk so I could see the main ideas at a glance.

This realization brought about two results: A detailed table, and an infographic representing the elements in a hierarchy. It’s up to you to decide which version you’ll post at your desk! READ MORE


The essential tools to find powerful content ideas [Video]



You’ve been hearing it for a while, “Content is King”, and your company finally decided to take a leap of fate: you are now writing blogpost, publishing videos on YouTube, etc. Yet the results have not been up to expectations. Like a mere drop in the ocean, every new piece of content seems to pass unnoticed. You find yourself crossing your fingers hoping that next time will be better…

Sounds familiar?



Your Targeted Ads Could Have An Impact On Users’ Self-Perception

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An article in the Harvard Business review made an interesting observation following a series of studies: When a user knows that they are being shown a behaviourally targeted ad, they redefine their self-image based on what they see.

“We exposed students to an ad that they believed to be either behaviorally targeted or non-targeted for a high-end watch brand. Then we asked them to rate how sophisticated they perceived themselves to be. The data show that participants evaluated themselves as more sophisticated after receiving an ad that they thought was individually targeted to them, compared to when they thought the same ad was not targeted.” READ MORE