By defining a data strategy aligned with your context and your business objectives, you will exploit relevant data to maximize the return on investment of your analytical marketing initiatives and eliminate all direct and indirect costs related to the maintenance of superfluous data.

Here is a list of problems that a data strategy will help you solve:

  • What data do I really need to answer my business questions?
  • How do I get a 360 degree view of my customers across multiple data sources (mobile, website, point of sale, CRM, call centers etc…) and different data formats (structured or unstructured data)?
  • How do we generate the important insights that we currently lack?
  • What data analytics tools are needed to meet my business needs?
  • How can I raise my level of maturity with regard to the management and exploitation of my data (including to perform predictive and prescriptive analyses)?
  • What are my training needs to improve my skills and optimize the use of my data?