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Let's set the table: Market trends in the food industry
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Let's set the table: Market trends in the food industry

Business Strategy

What are the main consumption trends in the food industry? These key statistics will help businesses stay ahead of the market.


Educating the population about food is nothing new. In 1942, nearly 80 years ago, the Canadian government put measures in place to prevent nutritional deficiencies in spite of wartime food rationing. Today, we have access to a mind-boggling quantity of content about the art of the table, and the science of nutrition. Nutritional trends are proliferating, foods are diversifying, and the way we shop is constantly changing.

As food standards change, how can a company in the food industry ensure that their offering continues to be relevant? How can they position their brand to respond to the desires of a very diverse range of consumers?

One trend we’re seeing is that people want more from brands, and expect higher quality. They are showing a preference for upscale products, often with little regard for cost. They feel more connected to smaller brands that offer top quality features and ingredients. In a context where aspiration has become as important as function, brands need to think beyond their products, to the story they now need to tell. What statement is the consumer making in buying these products? What values do they identify with?

The companies who have gotten ahead of these changes recognized this desire on the part of consumers. But they’ve had to do more than just tell a good story. They’ve integrated it into their marketing on a cultural, social, and human level.  


Now, what’s the simplest way to translate food trends into marketing tactics? Which marketing strategies will allow companies to create a clear plan of action that will deliver results? You’ll find the answer by doing an analysis of consumer needs, and of the experience they are being served. Learn more about our approach in Nature’s Touch case study.

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