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Torrent411: the QuebecTorrent clone now open
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Torrent411: the QuebecTorrent clone now open


And now, we had planned a week, but it took more than 6 days for a clone of QuebecTorrent to appear. And when I say clone… I mean clone.


This excerpt from the Torrent411 homepage proves it well:

***Message to former members of QuebecTorrent.com***

– All QuebecTorrent.com member accounts have been
successfully transferred!
– All torrents transferred successfully!
– All members of the team behind QuebecTorrent.com have been
retained, with the exception of the deceased Doditz, our favorite former Admin who
by order of the Court could not follow the boat.

Here are the two possibilities to recover your active torrents from QuebecTorrent.com

Solution #1  – Change the announce address of each torrent to this one: http://www.torrent411.com:56969/passkey_ici/announce

Solution #2  – Download the torrent again.

***You can now upload***

As evidenced by this blog by my colleague Michel Dumais , it was the ADISQ and the APFTQ as well as certain producers who had led the offensive. They will have much more difficulty with the new site since the servers are now in Malaysia rather than in St-Jérôme. 

I therefore strongly hope that the main stakeholders will stop racking up legal fees and instead try to develop a strategy that takes into account that the exchange of pirated files on the Internet is here to stay.

More details on the launch of Torrent 411 on their site and in this article by Christian Leduc