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The (Renewed) Music Industry: Fighting the Web with the Web | a collaborative workshop @PodCampMontreal
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The (Renewed) Music Industry: Fighting the Web with the Web | a collaborative workshop @PodCampMontreal

Business Strategy

image_billetPodCamp Montreal is a non-profit event that brings together professionals and enthusiasts of new media (blogging, podcasting, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media), which are revolutionizing the way we communicate today. You now understand why, like last year, our team will be there! Even this year, to make the experience even more rewarding, I have prepared a collaborative workshop that will focus on the music industry. Now see why...

Undeniable facts: music is part of our lives, accompanies us in the best and the worst moments, it even makes us travel. And that, completely free of charge. All to our delight.

On the other hand, when it comes to the business models and players that are driving the industry, the buzzwords are numerous. While in the United States, the sale of music through the Internet has just reached 40% of total music sales, some still deplore that sharing music online kills the creativity of artists, while others increasingly realize the growing power of the web in a music marketing strategy.


One thing is certain, the music industry is changing day by day, the web is imposing itself as an infinite source of tools and many new players are trying to appropriate the new territory while others (like Prince and Warner to name a few) refuse to adapt.

Unfortunately, it is clear that the new realities of a changing industry are often misunderstood, or even ignored. Then, quickly comes the need to adapt and evolve if we want to ensure a certain sustainability. This is why I am offering you a collaborative workshop whose purpose is to discover together the web potential (too often) under-exploited by players in the music industry around the world. An anti-conference which I hope will allow us to highlight new opportunities and discuss together the future of this industry.

To achieve this, I believe that a journey into the world of music will be necessary. Thus, from Misteur Valaire to Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (@ladygaga if you prefer 😉 ) passing by the king of Twitter a.k.a Justin Bieber (according to a reliable source he monopolizes 3% of all Twitter servers), I invite you to discover and discuss three crucial vectors for the success of our artists and creators today:

Take advantage of the incomparable potential of social networks
Which artists are already benefiting from it and how?
Who is underestimating this potential and why?
Discussion: Inspirational examples like Cee Lo Green who made the leap from web to commercial radio in record time

Exploit the collateral benefits of a web presence
How to define an efficient web presence?
What direct benefits can we derive from such a presence?
Discussion: exemplary websites such as that of Justin Bieber which represents nothing less than the cornerstone of his career

Know the new promising business models
Which artists and large organizations stand out and succeed differently?
What are the essential tools and resources?
Discussion: what are the business models of the future? Is there a happy medium between excessive legislation and forced gratuity? Who will be the big players in the industry in five years?

In short, this workshop is intended to be a meeting between players in the web industry and those in the music industry, a call for consultation. Together, let's embrace the new realities of the music industry, find solutions and actively participate in the success of our local artists.

So it's an appointment this Saturday, September 11 at PodCamp Montreal 2010 from 9:30 am! More specifically, in the multipurpose room at the heart of science at UQAM located at 200 Sherbrooke Street West in Montreal.

Will you join us?

UPDATE | September 17, 2010
For those who did not have the chance to participate in PodCamp Montreal this year or for those who wish to refresh their memory, here is the presentation that served as the foundation for our discussion concerning the evolution and the future of the music industry last weekend.

The (renewed) music industry