Mar. 23 2020

COVID-19: Current and Projected Impacts [Round Table]

How can marketing teams limit the harmful effects of COVID-19? Might they even discover some opportunities? Let's listen to what our experts have to say.

  • Technical level
  • Reading / 8 min.



Series Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Marketers are just beginning to understand the impact that artificial intelligence could have on their ambitions. Learn more, more concretely, through the many articles in this series dedicated to AI marketing. 

Sep. 26 2016

5 things marketers don’t know about machine learning, but should!

  • Reading / 11 min.
Aug. 18 2017

Can artificial intelligence replace specialists?

  • Reading / 8 min.
Jul. 23 2019

Artificial intelligence in marketing: Get ready for the trough of disillusionment

  • Reading / 8 min.
Jan. 07 2020

An Omnichannel Approach to Marketing AI

  • Reading / 10 min.
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