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The 10 tips to make your project a real disaster!
1L’art de la gestion de projet2Un projet à succès commence par une bonne gouvernance3Cascade, agilité, demandes de changement?

The 10 tips to make your project a real disaster!

Business Strategy

At Adviso, we have ergonomists, SEO experts, SME experts, SMO experts, performance measurement experts, in short, experts in the best strategies to make our clients the best in their field, online.


To manage all these experts and ensure that we offer the best, there are also project managers. I could have shared with you the little tricks we use to manage our projects properly. But that would have been less amusing than telling you what you absolutely have to do if you want your project to be a real disaster ! So here they are:

1. do not make a project plan, it is useless.

2. don't listen to your client, he doesn't know anything about it and is really the last person to know what he wants. After all, you're the pro, you know everything.

3.  50% of marketers do not measure their actions  Do as they do, so you may not have information on the ROI of your actions and not be accountable to your customers.

4. forget the quality of the deliverables, focus on the selling price of your project and the minimum time you will spend on it.

5. do not inform yourself about your competitors, do not have an open mind to divergent opinions, do not benchmark. Just do what you want, others are necessarily less good than you.

6. don't waste time analyzing any problems that may arise, you will take care of them when they arise.

7. avoid listening to the advice of the team of experts around you, they are boring and anyway, you already know everything!

8. Above all, do not thank the members of your team for their good work and push them to burn-out, it will give them a vacation.

9. Don't spend time briefing your team on projects, they're experts, right?

10. don't do a postmortem of your projects, what's done is done, we'll see how the next project goes.

Next time, I'll tell you how we REALLY manage projects at Adviso. We do it well.

You will of course have understood that if we managed them as above, we would have ceased to exist a long time ago. I take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their constantly renewed confidence in us.