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NETendances: Will the Internet replace television as the main source of information?
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NETendances: Will the Internet replace television as the main source of information?

Business Strategy

We are pleased to join forces, once again, with  CEFRIO  for the launch of the NETendances report on information.


The Internet has definitely made a place for itself in the information consumption habits of Quebecers. In 2011, 30% of Quebecers mentioned the Internet as their main source of information for consulting the news or the news (versus 41% for television). This report allows us to realize that a profound metamorphosis is underway, which forces us to rethink the offer according to several intrinsically linked variables.  

Tools  – The Internet invites itself on our mobile screens, on our tablets and even on our television screens.

Actors  – The traditional media are no longer the only prescribers of information. Today 43% of 18-24 year olds trust social media first and foremost to follow the news .   

Content  – ​​Quebec Internet users find both general and niche information on the Internet that they consult daily ( 68.5% of them consult the weather forecast online ) and increasingly appreciate the Web personalization tools made available to them. their disposal (mainly content aggregators and curators).

Uses  – Mobility is undeniably a new consumption habit with which players in the information industry must come to terms, since in 2011 28% of Quebecers connected to the Internet via a mobile device . 

It's a safe bet that the growing adoption of the Internet, and the new tools and consumption habits that result from it, will profoundly modify the supply of content, the business models that underpin them, as well as the of force between industry players.