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CEFRIO releases NETendances “Online entertainment: web TV takes off”
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CEFRIO releases NETendances “Online entertainment: web TV takes off”

Business Strategy
Following our contribution to NETendances: "The craze for social media in Quebec" , it is with renewed pleasure that we contribute to volume 2 on online entertainment. Our Internet strategy team supplemented each of the 5 themes with expert opinions on market trends.    


We briefly present some results revealed in this latest NETendances.


  • Internet and gaming : The proportion of Quebec adults playing online games increased by 44% between 2005 and 2011. Marie Nicollet highlights the popularity of mobile games elsewhere in the world and how their marketing on mobile phones could change gives it.  
  • Web TV and web radio:  Surprisingly, it is not young Quebec Internet users who obtain the greatest proportion of web TV and web radio followers, but rather the 35 to 44 year olds with 60%. Marie Nicollet dwells on the impact that the Internet has on the classic programming of radio or television broadcasts.
  • Online videos and photos:  Watching videos remains the most popular activity of Quebec Internet users with 54%, while their distribution is still a very marginal activity with 11%. I propose that the use of smart phones coupled with the use of social networks have a major impact on the dissemination and consumption of photos and videos on the Internet.
  • Downloading music:  It is no surprise that the gap remains large between downloading free and paid music (6%). Indeed, 23% of Quebec Internet users downloaded only free music and only 17% downloaded paid music. I insist on the trivialization of the consumer's musical offer as the main argument explaining this gap.
  • The digital book:  Although the proportion of Quebec Internet users downloading digital books has doubled in 1 year, this behavior remains marginal with 8%. Amanda Piedimonte reminds that content publishers should not only focus on digital distribution of their content, but on maximizing the reader's experience.

For more data on online entertainment in Quebec, download the free booklet “ Online entertainment: web TV is taking off ” from the CEFRIO website.