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A web strategy by candidates for the next Canadian elections
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A web strategy by candidates for the next Canadian elections

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It was  Michelle Blanc's post this morning  that gave me the idea to launch you quickly (and lightly), a web strategy by candidates for the next (and probable) Canadian elections. The goal of the exercise is to propose a  web strategy  that will help the candidate to change negative perceptions about him.



1- Stephen Harper – Conservative Party of Canada


The most American of Albertans  seems to want to ABSOLUTELY call an election, even if he does not respect his own law which imposes fixed election dates. It seems that the latter has moved to 24 Sussex Drive in northern Nunavut to support HIS election issue: Arctic sovereignty. We will come back to it for the financing of culture which allows hundreds of artists, mostly French-speaking Quebecers, to export their talent, our culture.

Objective: To  show who can lead a totalitarian government (majority forgiveness).

The strategy to prioritize:

-Propose a commercial game ( advergame ) consisting in choosing the weapon of your choice to eliminate social programs, on the arts or on the environment. The object of the game is to eliminate as many programs as possible to become an American.

The strategy to forget:

– Twitter on its cultural activities. It would be unrealistic.

2 – Stéphane Dion – Liberal Party of Canada

The leader of the PLC caused quite a coast- to-coast surprise when he was appointed head of his party, he first. By betting on promoting his Tournant Vert , he mobilized the liberal troops who voted en bloc for him. It remains for the chef to demonstrate a certain touch of humanity and leadership to this shell of an academic disconnected from reality.     

Objective:  Show that Stéphane Dion is a human and has certain social skills

The strategy to prioritize:

-Open a Flickr account with photos of Mr. Dion dancing, smiling, laughing, touching people.

The strategy to forget:

– Stream videos of him speaking in English. Simply excruciating or hilarious!

–  Watch the top videos of the week here

3 – Jack Layton – New Democratic Party

The sympathetic Ontarian with a mustache has been able to revive the NDP since Alexa McDonough conceded the leadership of the party to him in 2003 . The first social democratic party in the country which holds the balance of power (I have always dreamed of writing this) of the government seems to have the wind in its sails in Quebec since the election of the former Liberal minister of the environment Thomas Mulcair. On the one hand, the problem is that the NDP and the Bloc share the same ideals of social democracy, except for the sovereignty of Quebec. On the other hand, several political analysts deplore the current ability of the leader to express himself well in French. 

Objective:  Show that he speaks French well in order to convince Quebecers that he can defend their interests.

The strategy to prioritize

-Have a YouTube channel running periodic columns from Mr. Layton on his campaign platform.

The strategy to forget:

– Blogging in French. Everyone will believe (correctly) that it is written by his communications team.

4 – Gilles Duceppe – Bloc Québécois

The one who defends tooth and nail the interests of Quebecers  has stagnated in the voting intentions for some time and hopes that the PCC does not make the same raid in the Quebec region. After rumors of defection to the Quebecois party, Mr. Duceppe must, once again, prove his relevance and his negotiating weight against the ROC.

Objective:  Show that it still defends the interests of Quebecers and display the results

The strategy to prioritize

-Blogging or twittering about the laws he has passed since his election as party leader.

The strategy to forget:

– Avoid all photos when wearing questionable headgear.