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A look back at the Infopresse Strategy and Web Creativity Day
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A look back at the Infopresse Strategy and Web Creativity Day

Content & SEO

I attended the  Infopresse Day on web strategy and creativity . Alexandra from NVI sums it up  nicely . It recalls the question that I asked the panelists of the round table "How to make good media placement on the web?" ". I asked them why  they did not deal with the purchase of keywords , a less expensive, more profitable and effective alternative to traditional media placement, therefore a good media placement on the web. Also, why wasn't there an invited keyword buying specialist to discuss the topic?



Unfortunately, I didn't get any real answers to my question. I immediately understood that the panellists were trying to keep their heads above water by trying to find a specific niche to buy keywords.

However, I got a few answers worth clarifying:

The purchase of keywords is not done for short campaigns, but for an annual campaign.

Yes, true for annual campaign, if you do a lot of promotion, but not for short campaigns? Not sure. Getting started with an Adwords account (opening, keyword selection, campaign creation, budget, regional specifications) can be done in one or two days. And it is ideal when launching a new site to compensate for its deficient positioning in the organic results.  

It's only useful when the customer has a specific need, the banner is made to create a need.

I didn't know you could create needs, but maybe meet them. The banner reminds, the keyword purchase prompts.

The banner is useful to create a relationship with the customer

Previously, the panelists tried to explain how to be intrusive enough to capture the attention of the potential customer. In my opinion, you do not create a healthy relationship with a client when you interfere in his life without asking his opinion. What a paradoxical finding! Buying keywords is a superior source of customer acquisition than banner placement. Nope? The relationship is built with the offer of useful content and tools for your customer on your site. As Thane Calder said, the more useful you are to your client, the better their relationship with you will be.

I'm not trying to denigrate media placement,  rather I'm trying to educate those “thinkers” who seemed to “find nothing against buying keywords. I also believe that the two are complementary and should be included in any marketing strategist's media mix. What I deplore is that the thinking heads of media placement do not understand the real contribution of this other type of placement. Is it out of ignorance or avarice? Let's say that the commissions related to the purchase of keywords are much less juicy than those generated by media placement.