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My favorite tools for SEO + SEM
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My favorite tools for SEO + SEM

Content & SEO

toolsMuch like Lifehacker did recently, today I'm presenting the tools I use every day (or almost) as part of my role as a search marketing strategist at Adviso. I may have a hundred tools in my bookmarks and Firefox extensions… but I actually use a dozen! Here they are (in no particular order):

  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool: The best keyword suggestion tool, period. With the recent addition of the absolute number of searches per month, this tool is a must for anyone working directly or indirectly in SEO or paid positioning. Want to know which words related to italy travel are the most searched for? Here is your tool! (answers: travel agency italy & organized tour italy)
  • Google Trends: Fantastic for comparing keywords (up to 5). You hesitate on the choice of your main keyword? Do not search anymore. For slightly more advanced features, see Google Insights for Search. For example, which word is the most searched for between used car, used car, second-hand car and second-hand car in Quebec? Answer: used car
  • Web Developer Firefox extension: Probably the best extension on Firefox. I particularly use the Display Element Information, Disable JavaScript, Delete Domain Cookies and Edit HTML functions.
  • Check Server Headers Tool: A classic. Indispensable for checking the types of redirects and 404 responses.
  • SEO Browser: The best tool of its kind. Allows you to "see" what Google sees!
  • WebCEO: This is our tool that manages our positioning reports. It's really far from perfect, but it does the job! The problem with this kind of tools is that once adopted, it is quite difficult to change without losing its positioning history. Unfortunately, I don't know the best tool, if you have experiences to share, do not hesitate to leave a comment! For a free tool, I've heard a lot of good things about Seobook's Rank Checker.
  • Google Adwords Editor: Offline tool for managing Adwords accounts. My life would be miserable if this tool did not exist !
  • Google Analytics: A no-brainer for monitoring its Adwords campaigns and SEO.
Google Ad Preview Tool: Allows you to see your adwords ads in the United States or around the world. Also handy to see its organic positioning in the US. This tool is desperately needed by MSN and Yahoo.

I would also like to give honorable mentions to the following tools: