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Infopresse360 Day on Web Analytics: Summary of Avinash Kaushik's conference
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Infopresse360 Day on Web Analytics: Summary of Avinash Kaushik's conference

Analytics & Tracking

Avinash Kaushik  presents his vision of web analytics. In fact, for his die-hard fans of his blog, of which I am a part, his conference is a summary of what he produces periodically. Still, Avinash is an outstanding presenter and just meeting him in person was a unique experience.



In short, for Avinash a website manager faces 2 challenges:

  • Create a customer experience centered site
  • Make money

In order to face these challenges, managers obtain a web analytics tool. They are happy because they have all the metrics they want and even more, they are drowned out by the astronomical amount that the tool presents. The problem is that it does not interpret the metrics and does not give a conclusion on the trend. Obviously !! In fact, people spend too much time reporting the clickstream (90% of their time) and not giving enough interpretation (10% of their time). Avinash sees measurement as a holistic view of several tasks that need to be accomplished in order to make WA sexy! I won't go into detail Simon summarizes it quite well in his article, Avinash too    ;). In line with the proportion I gave you, Avinash recommends allocating 10% of your time and budget to the tool and 90% to data analysis.
Choose the right metrics

Avoid presenting metrics alone, otherwise they are useless. For example, it is better to cross the number of visits on each page viewed with the number of time spent on each. Quote from Avinash: “No mixing data is a crime against humanity”.

He presents his favorite metrics (mine too, I tell you, I'm a complete fan):

  • The bounce rate, for Avinash, is "  the sexiest metric ever "  .
  • Make segments , either by evaluating for example the time spent between visits (recency) or the frequency of visits. Another quote from Avinash: "If you don't segment, you'll die"
  • Evaluate the change between two periods for a given metric.
  • Use event logging for rich media. Coming soon with the new GA chip.  

Capturing the voice of the consumer (Voice of Customer)

By asking 3 questions : 

– Why are you on the site?

– Were you able to complete your task?

- If not why?

It is then necessary to segment according to satisfaction and to link them to conversion, according to the business model of the site.

Experiment and test

Often in large companies, HiPPOs make the decision instead of the customer. A/B and multivariate testing tools allow you to test your decision with the right decisions!

Strategic Watch

You have to compare yourself to our competitors via sites like compete.com or hitwise.com or with the new feature of Google Analytics . 

In closing, I would like to thank Avinash for mentioning us as a new GAAC partner who can easily help companies with their GA tool customization problem.