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ChatGPT opens up new potentials in digital marketing
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ChatGPT opens up new potentials in digital marketing

AI Marketing

This past November 30, OpenAI launched ChatGPT, its chatbot prototype driven by artificial intelligence. The company has already been responsible for developing a number of other AI tools, including DALL-E, which creates images based on a text description.

Since its launch, ChatGPT has provoked strong reaction, both from tech giants such as Google—which recently launched its own chatbot called Bard (with mixed success)—as well as from the public, which is increasingly adopting this new tool.

“DALL-E, show me an image in the style of Picasso that looks like a half-human artificial intelligence.” 

It goes without saying that given its wide-ranging functionalities, this tool offers an enormous range of possibilities. But what are its potential uses in the digital marketing universe?

One thing is certain: The future for natural language processing tools such as ChatGPT is very promising in this field. The new tech offers companies many opportunities, such as increasing work efficiency, accelerating the automation of certain repetitive tasks and improving the purchase experience for customers.

Here are a few possible uses for this new tool in digital marketing:

1. Script generation

ChatGPT can be used to create automated advertising scripts. It could be possible, for example, to automate the resizing of banners, where all banners can be automatically resized in order to save time and avoid human error. Plus, it could be possible to automate the creation of texts based on specific criteria, such as the product or service being advertised, the target audience or the intended marketing message. This could allow advertisers to save time and increase the personalization of ads.

In addition, ChatGPT can suggest ideas for creative scenarios, some of which may have never been considered before. The software is also able to generate scripts for automating everyday or routine tasks (such as those performed regularly using Excel or Google Sheets, for example).

 2. Content creation and copywriting

ChatGPT is also able to write marketing content, such as ads, blog posts, advertising emails, landing page text, etc. Companies can use it to generate ideas for content adapted to their target audience or to draft new texts quickly and efficiently. This means they’ll be able to publish content more frequently and, therefore, more easily maintain customer engagement on their various platforms.

This also offers users a number of advantages, including in particular the possibility of accessing a larger quantity of content for less cost.

3. Identification of emerging trends     

ChatGPT can be used to analyze social media data and other sources of data, with the goal being to identify emerging trends in digital marketing.

Companies can make use of it to determine topical themes that would be of interest to their targeted audiences, the most popular hashtags and the keywords that are gaining traction. This tool also offers companies a deeper understanding of their target audiences and the possibility of creating more relevant and enticing marketing campaigns.

 4. Facilitation of research

ChatGPT can facilitate the search for products and services. With this tool, companies will notably be able to create chatbots that are able to answer their customers’ questions about their products, services, prices, delivery times or anything else relating to their domain of activity. ChatGPT provides not just the code, but also the process for setting up a chatbot on a website.

This software can also be used by marketers to perform research more easily. As for companies, by offering chatbots on their websites, visitors’ questions can be answered more efficiently, thereby improving the quality of service and customer experience offered on their platform.



In closing, given the many new avenues of possibility it has opened up in the field, ChatGPT is likely to deeply influence digital marketing in the next few years. Whether by automating the creation of scripts, writing marketing content, identifying emerging trends or facilitating research into products and services, ChatGPT offers companies significant advantages. Among other things, this software will enable them to save time, reduce production costs, create new content more quickly, increase the frequency of their posts, obtain a more complete view of their customer base and, as a result, improve the purchase experience.  

No matter what direction this software will take in the field of digital marketing, it’s a certainty that ChatGPT (as well as other natural language processing tools) has a very promising future ahead.

Note from the author: 

This article was powered by ChatGPT and enhanced with my own additions. Can you tell the difference between content created by a human and content created using artificial intelligence?