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Business Etiquette in Sending Email
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Business Etiquette in Sending Email


TechRepublic  mailing  list contributor PenguinVitamins has compiled a list of things to avoid when sending corporate emails. Here is his list of practices to avoid.


  1. When you receive an email from a distribution list and want to reply to one of the people on the list, do not send to all.
  2. When sending email to a distribution list, do not require opens and receipts reports unless absolutely necessary.
  3. Do not put receive or read reports as an automatic feature when setting up your emails.
  4. Minimize the use of the carbon copy function unless it is really necessary.
  5. Do not forward an email to anyone unless you add content to the original mailing.
  6. Writing in capital letters is the corollary of shouting. Is it really necessary?
  7. Asking someone in the hallway did you get my email, asks the all-important question, could you have just spoken to them instead of sending the email
  8. The use of hidden copies may raise ethical questions. Would you like someone to talk behind your back without you knowing?
  9. Responding to chain emails and re-reading reply after reply after reply leads to a fundamental question. Is email the medium of choice for this type of behavior? Wouldn't it be better to use a discussion forum or make a conference call?
  10. Are headers, footers and salutations part of your emails? The person receiving your message may not have time to write to you. Have you provided an alternative means of communication such as the telephone?