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How to Succeed in Email Marketing with Bill C-28
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How to Succeed in Email Marketing with Bill C-28


The SociéTIC de l'Estrie invited us to present a conference on email marketing in a context where Bill C-28 (Canadian anti-spam law which is very well explained in this article ) will be in force on July 1, 2017.   


I presented the basics of best practices for successful emails (segmentation, personalization, automation) in addition to trying to demystify the many conditions of the law. Following my talk, I found that marketers are all on edge not knowing how to comply or how to obtain explicit consent from their clients. I heard or saw several acts of improvisation or panic that resulted in a large pruning of the customer database for no good reason. Dear colleagues, remember that you still have 3 years to comply. Here are 3 simple inspirations that could be more effective than a simple stupid request for explicit consent.

  1. In each send, add a call to action asking the user to update their preferences according to the rules. You could even add the update to your landing pages.
  2. Pair a promotion available on the site with your shipment  Once on the page, ask for the person's email, informing them of the nature of future mailings.
  3. Offer an exclusive study or any other report on your social platforms. Ask for contact information and offer the subscription according to the new rules.

Don't forget that explicit consent must contain the name of the sender, the nature of the messages that will be sent and you must mention that it is possible to withdraw consent at any time.



I was also interviewed by Rémy Perras from the Podcast Au Microphone . Our words summarize the conference well. 

You can also download the conference to read it in paper format by the fireside. With that, stay strong.